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Sometimes, good read's doesn't make winning poker….

May 14th, 2008 No comments

But it helps get to heads up. In the end, good cards trumps good reads.

We had 7 players on Friday night, and Tim was the best of us all again. It was a lot of fun. After the heads up, Tim and I commented on how I’d made some sick reads.

We also had a first time guest (Amber), whose company was greatly appreciated by all. I hope she can become a regular.

The two reads that I made were wise lay downs, and put Tim on an Ace on the first hand, and Tay on a K on the second. But calling out so close to the kicker was the real hoot.

Sorry for the lack of substance in this post, but I wanted to get it up. I need a pillow now.

This Friday is a no-go as I am camping with the girl scouts. We leave for camp Lakota on Friday and get back on Sunday. But the Friday after should be good-to-go…….P

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