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What's happening lately

March 20th, 2009 3 comments

@RawrStar invited me over to an awesome post ( to rant about some of my bad beats. Since March the 8th, I’d say that I’ve been on tilt a little bit. I’m really bothered by a bad beat that took place during the Midnight Madness. I blogged about it earlier, but basically I was playing some of my best poker ever, and I got it in with KK against 10-10, and he flopped a 10. I cashed in 77th place for $37, and that started a downward spiral for me.

I didn’t belong in that tourney to begin with. It was for about 1/5 of my bankroll, but I played like I belonged. I really controlled action at my table early, and through the middle parts, and then got unlucky late. Since then, I’ve entered a total of 102 tournaments and/or single table S&G’s to the sum of $190.20 worth of buy in’s, and I’ve cashed in enough to the sum of $106.49. That’s a net loss of $83.71.

But the tough part for me has been the way that I’ve been losing. I have had my fair share of stupidity, where I just get it in when I’m way behind only to never recover. But the vast majority of the time, I’m getting crushed on sick suck outs. Since that loss of KK vs. 10-10, I’ve seen the following losses:

JJ vs. A4 – 125 players left in a $3.30 MTT, I’m leading my table in chips when I wake up with JJ from the CO. I call a pre-flop 3 bet, and the button and blinds fold. We see a flop of J-7-4. My friend raises the pot, and I move all in having him covered, he calls with his A-4. The turn and river run out Ace, Ace.

Qh-10h vs. 99 – Midway thorough a large tourney field, I limped from early position only to find the BB check after everyone folded. The flop J-K-3, all hearts. The BB checked, and I bet the pot, I was raised to half my stack, and then I shoved the rest. He showed his pair, with one 9 being the 9h. The turn was a 9, and the river was a dagger 3.

10-10 vs. Q4 – Close to the bubble, I called a pre-flop raiser with my 10’s, and the board produced 9-8-4 rainbow. My opponent bet, and I called. The turn was a 10, and I called my opponent’s all in. The river was a J

QQ vs. Ac-8d – Early in a tourney, flop comes Qc-8h-3c. Opponent moves, I call. Turn comes 2c, River Kc.

10h-10d vs. Jd-7d Tonight at the TPT, I held Red 10’s, and called a pre-flop raise again. Flop was Jc-10c-5c. My opponent bet the flop, I moved, and he called. He turned a 9c, then an 8s.

These are some of the more brutal beats that I’ve taken. They’ve been tough to swallow. I also analyzed where my money was being spent. I’ve been basically playing 3 different structures. Single Table S&G, 90 person S&G KO tourney, and Larger MTT’s.

My stat lines are as follows:
90 person S&G – Buy in $3.30
Total # of Tourneys since 3/8 =23
Avg. Finish – 37
Total profit – (-$31)

MTT’s – 16 played
Avg Buy in – $3.24
Avg field size – 650
Avg finish – 225
Total Profit (-$14.90)

Single Table S&G’s
# Played = 61
Avg Buy In = $1.00
Avg finish – 4
Total Profit – (-$2.66)

I guess that I’ve been playing best (although not profitably) in the single table S&G’s. The only cash that I’ve had in an MTT was in the Midnight madness. I’ve been 0 for 15 since. And I’ve been getting crushed in the KO S&G’s. Although, I’ve made up some by knocking out my fair share of players throughout.

My bankroll currently sits at $22.59, which is all that is left off of my $50.00 deposit. Anyone care to read into this for me?

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Tonight's Sick Beat

March 20th, 2009 No comments

I’m having some issues catching winning hands lately. It doesn’t matter if I’m ahead or not, because I seem to almost always end up on the loosing side of things. Here’s the hand that eliminated me early from tonight’s TPT:

From UTG, I get dealt 10h-10d, A middle position player raises, I call it, and the button calls. The SB and BB both fold, and we see a flop of J-10-5 all clubs. The first action bets about the pot, and I move all in. The third player folds, and the first guy calls flipping up Jd-7d. Now normally, I’m a 93% chance to win this pot, as he needs to catch running cards to win it.

Well, the turn comes 9c and gives my set so many more options to win. I mean, the only thing that I can lose on would now be a non club 8….but wait….the river delivers the 8s, and he’s made a straight.

That’s how lucky I’m running right now. I’m sick….just physically ill. I’m going to take some time out and watch some of the NCAA Tournament, and then go to bed. No more poker because I’m too freaking depressed about it all. The worst of it was that I got to the tournament late because of work obligations, then I busted in 22nd out of 24 players. This could kill me in the TPT leaderboard, because it’s likely that I’ll miss next weeks TPT. Oh well.

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