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Blinded into 11th place

March 27th, 2009 3 comments

Last night I couldn’t play in the Twitter Poker Tour because I was traveling. After 3 days of business meetings, I was heading home and catching the twitter updates of players as they were either going out, or reporting on where they were. I’d registered in the event solely to gain the points, and it was a good thing that I did. My 11th place finish was worth 44 TLB points, and keeps me in 2nd place for the Tournament Leaderboard Standings. With 2 events to go, I’m hoping that I can stay in the top 5 and win a prize.

Here’s the top 10 as it currently stands:

1 rhoegg 540.10
2 Fleapid 516.60
3 Steve_Treys/StevieTrips 496.00
4 taz31362 458.00
5 Zonetrap (pokerplasm) 422.00
6 MustangFund 414.00
7 cprpoker (geoffm33) 390.40
8 gemgirl6/LaBangBang 388.00
9 sotied 374.80
10 ungarop 372.00

This coming Thursday could also prove to be interesting for attendance on my part as I’m holding a booth open at the San Diego Association of Realtors Trade Show. I don’t know what time I’ll finish with that, but I’ll bring the lap top with me, and see if I can find a spot to hunker down and play. I don’t want to be blinded through again. I’d like to cash in one of the final two of the season, and hopefully win one.

I do want to send my congratulations to the players who enjoyed my financial contribution to the pot and stole every one of my blinds (I mean seriously, was it too much to ask that everyone just fold when I’m in the big blind????). Congrats to 5th place, beaplayer63, 4th – thereelgator, 3rd – john.ebjr, and 2nd – Wuzzle69.

And a special congrats to edihpoker for getting the best of the 32 player field.

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