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A final table at the TPT

April 4th, 2009 1 comment

Last night I managed to play my way into the Final Table at the Twitter Poker Tour event on Full Tilt. I came into the tournament as the Bounty, and got very lucky early to chip up to over 3k. But I got stuck there for the most part, and went card dead after the first break.

At the final table, I re-raised a 3-bet from the BB with 6-6, and shoved it all in. Short stacked, I figured that if I was going to play the hand, I needed to represent a monster. Trouble was, it was an easy call by Gemgirl6 who tabled KK, and I was done in 9th place.

It was a little disconcerting given the fact that I came into the event in 2nd place on the Leaderboard Standings, made the final table, and then proceeded to drop 2 places in the standings. Great runs by @SteveBrogan (who cashed in 4th place), moved him up to 2nd in the Leaderboard standings. And a win by @Treystill vaulted him to the top spot from outside the top 10. It was @Treystill’s second TPT win this season.

The TLB Standings are VERY close heading into Thursday’s final event of the season on Pokerstars. The top 4 places are separated by less than 31 TLB points. Here’s the top 10 as it currently stands.

1 taz31362 598.25
2 Steve_Treys/StevieTrips 575.80
3 rhoegg 572.10
4 Fleapid 566.60
5 Zonetrap (pokerplasm) 466.00
6 gemgirl6/LaBangBang 446.00
7 MustangFund 438.00
8 ungarop 424.00
9 sotied 416.80
10 cprpoker (geoffm33) 404.40

I’m feeling pretty confident that I should finish in the prizes as the top 5 positions are awarded a prize, but when it comes to poker, anything is possible. I would like to win an event, as I’ve yet to do that. My best so far is a 3rd place finish way back in the first event, but I’ve been pretty consistent for the most part throughout the season. A victory would be super sweet!

Congrats again to the cashes, and a special congrats to @Treystill for the victory. See you guys again on Pokerstars this Thrusday for the finale!

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