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I'm taking a poker vacation

May 2nd, 2009 2 comments

So tonight at Pablosplace, we had 13 players show up for Traci’s birthday. An impressive turnout for sure. It was one of the single most bizarre nights EVER in the HISTORY of Pablosplace.

It began with a Mona Vie taste testing, that was really more of a sales pitch than a taste test. It was interesting to see the history of the product, and the tasting was actually pretty good. But really I could have done without the attempt at gathering us in as sales people. I just don’t think that it’s something that I have the time for, nor the ability to commit to at this time.

Once we actually began play, there were players EMPHATICALLY stressing the needs for a Turbo Blind. I was out voted on the 30 minute levels by the group who insisted on 15 minute levels, which is WAY too short for our play. We actually went up 2 levels on our table before we made one full rotation. Sick.

I caught a dead run of cards, and made it to 8 handed. I finally caught AK and raised the 3-6 blinds to 18 after Jason limped. Tim asked me for a count from the BB and eventually raising to 60, the remainder of my chips. Jason made the call for his last 20 or so, and I called. Tim said that I was ahead which actually shocked me. He tossed J-8o and Jason, K-8. But it didn’t matter any. A Jack hit the flop and I was done.

I’m done with poker for now. I just have to admit that my play is just terrible. I can’t believe that it’s just bad luck, or bad beats, or anything of the sort. It’s OBVIOUS that it’s my play because the losing is just too consistent. I’m giving up poker for a while. I’m not sure how long, but I need the break apparently. No online play, and no live play until I can get my head right. This game has just ceased being fun, and I hate it. I’m so mad, and it’s my home game. It’s just not right.

I’ll blog again when I’ve got the confidence back. Though I have no clue when that will be.

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