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2010 WSOP Main Event – Reflection Part 6 (The media event)

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Media Badge

My WSOP Media Badge for the 2010 WSOP

Once all of the Day 1′s and the Day  2′s were complete, it was a day of rest.  The day after day 2b was a dark day for the WSOP, not in the sense that bad things were happening.  No events were scheduled except for one, the Media Freeroll Event.  Everyone showed up in casual attire, including Nolan Dalla who wore a bandana on his head, and Ty Stewart who had an interesting looking WSOP Cowboy Hat. 

I got to the Rio about 2 hours before the scheduled start time so that I could write my news article for, and I wandered into the Amazon room and sat down in Media Row.  I was alone in the room except for two gentlemen that were placing “Swag Bags” on each of the seats for the members of the media that would be playing in the Amazon Red Section.  It was the most peaceful that I’d ever seen the Amazon room.  Generally, the 121 tables are full of players, and the sound of clattering chips is heard from the hallway outside.  There is a buzz even walking into the room.  But at this moment, it seemed serene.  Read more…