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2010 WSOP Main Event Reflection Part 8 – The biggest mistake of the tournament

August 5th, 2010 1 comment
Prahlad Friedman

Prahlad Friedman is involved in controversy at the WSOP....again.

In what will likely go down as the most talked about hand of the early stages of the event, controversy surrounds it.  It almost never fails that controversy surrounds the World Series of Poker in one way or another.  The year that Jamie Gold won the event, there was the “how did he get more chips than he bagged” controversy, that really went without explanation.  For those that remember it, $2.41 million chips mysteriously appeared prior to the final table.  Erik Friberg and Richard Lee saw their stacks increase in size despite playing a hand at the table.  It was one of those things that nobody every really chatted about or discussed very long, because everyone was focused on the bracelet, and the fact that Allen Cunningham had a shot at winning the event.    

What I find really bizarre about this incident it that it got much less publicity than did “Ante-Gate” which involved 2003 Bracelet Winner, Prahlad Friedman.  Read more…