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It's time for main stream advertisers to look at the World Series of Poker

October 31st, 2010 No comments

Any of these companies interested in making more money?

A twitter conversation after my post on WSOP Coverage led me to thinking about why major companies don’t advertise for poker.  I couldn’t really answer the question without thinking of the perceived level of illegality that exists around the game.  While its clear that poker and Vegas go together, the game itself is played globally complete within the confines of the law. And while some states don’t permit online gaming (the state of Washington jumps immediately to mind), I can’t help but think that the major companies are missing out on a fantastic means to reach their primary and core demographics as poker has established itself as a game of interest for consumers.

I went onto the Nielson site to see if I could get a random snip-it for what the ratings are for sports on a random day.  Read more…

This week in the Twitter Poker Tour

October 28th, 2010 No comments
Twitter Poker Poker Tour

The Twitter Poker Tour on Full Tilt Poker features a $5 buy in for fantastic prizes

It’s been a seemingly never ending string of days that have comprised this week, with a ton of work being dumped into the Twitter Poker Tour.  But the hard work has paid off with some fantastic prizes now being offered.  My hope is that the league continues its development, and offers an online home game to poker players throughout multiple ranges of bankrolls.   With the prize structures being offered today for a $5 buy in, it has to appeal to every poker player.

2 years ago, the TPT was a group of a few guys that just wanted to play together.  A $5 buy in for grins and giggles that met up weekly through an online poker game.  This week, we’re giving away another ticket to the Sunday $750,000 Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker Read more…

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Hey WSOP, Can you please put together a News Coverage Team???

October 25th, 2010 8 comments
Ty Stewart

Ty Stewart with Annette Obrestad

In the poker world, the World Series of Poker is King.  There really isn’t a close second.  If you play poker, you want a bracelet.  It’s the culmination of a feat that has established the bar of what it takes to be a champion.  It’s hard to quantify what might run second.  A World Poker Tour Title?  A European Poker Tour or North American Poker Tour win?  Maybe even a WSOP-Circuit Ring.  These are all certainly nice items to hang on your resume, but in a world that is measured by championships, the WSOP bracelet has established itself as the crème de la crème. 

So why then does it have to be so hard in this day and age to get real time updates of poker tournaments from the World Series of Poker?  Read more…

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Responding to all of my readers comments regarding Bot's.

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

No CheatingI’ve received so many responses and views on the botting article I wrote last week that I think it deserves a second post to defend my position to those that want to claim that they are in favor of Bots.  So many of the comments have been critical of my view on botting.  I don’t mind criticism.  In fact I welcome it.  I am however overwhelmed and dumbfounded at some of the lunacy that has taken place with the respect to some of the comments that have come through.  Let me address these with my personal opinion on Bot’s.

The business of selling bots can be good money to the bot companies.  And for players that employ the use of a good bot, they can be profitable.  I understand that it takes a long time and a lot of effort combined with trial and error to set up a proper Bot.  I get all that.  They can be complex devices to make a tough game an easy money earner, that once set up properly,  require very little effort from the player in respect to decision making.  I get that.  But in no way, shape, or form does it change the fact that Bots are illegal. Read more…

Needing a poker pick-me up

October 19th, 2010 4 comments

So close to $1k, yet so far

Things haven’t been going well for me of late in the bankroll building department.  At one point, I was mired in an 0-for-52 MTT and S&G slump.  That’s 52 consecutive touranments without a cash.  Pretty gross.

The subsequent damage to the bankroll was considerable, and my quest to get to the $1,000 bankroll mark off of the $50 deposit was met with a terrible downswing.  The worst part was, it came directly after a 3rd place finish in a $5 MTT that padded the roll over $200.  But that was completely wiped out during this swing.  Read more…

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2010 WSOP Main Event Reflection Part 15 – Playing to the November 9

October 17th, 2010 No comments
Matt Affleck

Matt Affleck would become one of the main stories of the day

When Michiel Sijpkens was eliminated in 19th place by John Racener, there was about an hour and a half of play left on the clock till the dinner break.  But tournament officials paused the clock as the last 18 players were redrawn to 2 tables.  We were now just 9 players away from crowning 9 poker superstars, and the November 9 looked as if it would be right around the corner.  Every hand from here on out would be heavily scrutinized and reviewed on ESPN for the world to see.  And we’d make these 18 players household names for years to come.  Read more…

Bot Ring apparently behind the Full Tilt Poker Cheating Scandal

October 15th, 2010 17 comments

Full Tilt came down hard on Poker Bots

I still plan on writing to Full Tilt Poker and asking them a few questions concerning the cheating scandal, but it appears that the mystery was revealed.  A company called “Shanky Technologies” runs and operates a site titled, where they sell a variety of “advanced poker robots” that play online poker for you, so that you no longer have to make decisions as a poker player.  The site claims that their bots play a “professional-level poker at the better online poker rooms” and “Plays all game structures and has a full stealth/hide mode.”  Their objective is to get players to plunk down $130 to buy their bots, and then they sit back and try to tell you that you’ll be a winning poker player in no time. Read more…

Cheated on Full Tilt Poker

October 15th, 2010 4 comments

Should I have a higher win rate with Q-Q?

I’ve always considered online poker to be a clean game.  I’m not naive enough to not recognize the seriousness of the cheating scandal, and the amount of money that the cheaters won through “God Mode.”  But cheaters being what cheaters are, I think that people look for ways to gain an edge on their competition, and sometimes, this results in cheating.

I have played exclusively on Full Tilt Poker for a long time now, and I recommend it to my peers.  To me, it’s easily my favorite site for a myriad of reasons.   I had always been of the camp that said that Full Tilt runs the cleanest games out there in online poker, and today I got a message that makes me question that.  Read more…

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2010 WSOP Main Event Reflection Part 14 – From 27 players to 18

October 9th, 2010 1 comment
Joseph Cheong

Joseph Cheong entered the day as the chip leader

In the 2009 Main Event, the play down from 27 players to the final table of the November 9 lasted just about 12 hours.  The November 9 bagged their chips up and did interviews for the media at a little after midnight.  This year would last longer.

Knowing that there were only going to be 3 tables full of players, 18 players were going to have really bad days, and 9 players would emerge poker superstars.  The biggest part of the tournament was this day, Day 8.  Our November 9 was within reach, and if you had chips, you had a shot.   Even Hasan Habib, who entered the day as the shortest stack had an opportunity.  But the players that had the best opportunities were Soi Nguyen and Joseph Cheong, each holding roughly 10% of the total chips in play with over $20 million each. Read more…