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It's time for main stream advertisers to look at the World Series of Poker

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Any of these companies interested in making more money?

A twitter conversation after my post on WSOP Coverage led me to thinking about why major companies don’t advertise for poker.  I couldn’t really answer the question without thinking of the perceived level of illegality that exists around the game.  While its clear that poker and Vegas go together, the game itself is played globally complete within the confines of the law. And while some states don’t permit online gaming (the state of Washington jumps immediately to mind), I can’t help but think that the major companies are missing out on a fantastic means to reach their primary and core demographics as poker has established itself as a game of interest for consumers.

I went onto the Nielson site to see if I could get a random snip-it for what the ratings are for sports on a random day.  Read more…