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Non Hold'em Poker

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey won the 6th of his 8 WSOP Bracelets playing No Limit 2-7 Lowball

About a month ago, Full Tilt Poker released a new series of Draw games to their software, which offers the ability for players to add to their current selection of games.  I know a lot of players that simply rely upon No Limit Hold’em as their game of choice, but poker is a game that really requires a variation of play in order to keep it from becoming boring and predictable.

First of all, I love Hold’em.  It’s my game of choice.  It’s probably the most simplistic of the games to explain and learn, and its the game that most people play.  But every once and again, I just need a change-up.  I’ve liked playing Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, but I’ve found those games to be very streaky.  I win a lot and lose a lot, and when you’re ahead, you rarely have a solid grip on the hand as you’re generally hoping to get all the money in on a 60/40 type of situation.  Some of the other games like Seven Card Stud and Stud-Eight, I’ve never really seemed to grow much of an affinity for.  I’ve enjoyed Razz a great deal, and have played more than my fair share of that kooky 7-card game variety.

But recently, Full Tilt brought out Deuce to Seven Draw games, including Triple Draw.  They also added 5-card Draw and Badugi, of which I have no clue on how to play the latter.  I tried my hand at some of the play money Deuce Draw games, and won a great deal, so I sat down at the low stakes games on the site, and immediately won there too.  I believe that they will be soft spots for quite some time as people just don’t yet know how to play that game.

What other games besides Hold’em do you play?  Do you find that you have a bigger edge in them?