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Top 2010 Poker Player Stories: #31 – Harrison Gimbel

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Harrison Gimbel

Harrison Gimbel captured the first big poker prize of the year, winning $2.2 Million at the PCA in January 2010

2010 marks a special year for me, and one that I will remember as a “poker year” as really, that has been my profession throughout the last 12 months.  It wasn’t really something that I expected, or even planned for.  But it happened nonetheless, and I’m happy that it has.  Every year around this time I find myself heading over to the website of a friend of mine, Andrew Seely. Andrew frequents my home game, and he annually expresses himself in a December Tradition that he entitles “The December Photo Project.”  The project has Andrew taking random photo’s of himself throughout his day, every day in the month of December, and posting them onto the web for all to see.  As I reflected on this year, there were some players that immediately stuck out in my mind, and it hit me,  I wanted to create a December project of my own.   So I decided that I would profile what I felt were the 31 Poker Player Stories that have impacted me the most, or that I remember as being significant during the 2010 Calendar year. Read more…