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Something has to change – Part 2

February 17th, 2011 4 comments

I’m considering leaving the TPT.

In part 1, I talked a great deal about what got me to my spot today.  Here, I want to focus on the coming days and months in front of me.

I want to begin by saying that I love the Twitter Poker Tour.  When I was going through some of my darkest moments during that hell of 12 month period, the TPT was an escape from reality that I could count on every Thursday to simply enjoy a few hours.  It was something that I could look forward to each week. Something that I wanted to participate in, and gained enjoyment from the camaraderie among the group.  When I joined with Geoff in assisting to run the league with him and host the TPT Live Show, I was having fun, and didn’t mind the hours of work that went into it each week.  I enjoyed it, and it kept me busy and distracted, all things that I needed.

A little over a year has passed and there have been a few success stories that I can share with the TPT.  I enjoyed the trip to the WSOP.  I’m happy with all of the guests that we landed for our show.  And I’m grateful for all of the hours on the virtual felt with people whom I consider my friends.  But I look back at all of the  hours that I’ve invested, and I can’t help but think about why I did it.  I did it as an escape from my reality.  I did it because I had hoped that it would evolve into something that generates some kind of money. While it accomplished those things,  it’s also really swallowed several hours of my week without pay.  And I don’t know that I can really justify doing that much longer. Read more…

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