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A wild weekend of Kaiser visits

I had a lot of Kaiser this weekend...unfortunately it was the wrong one.

It’s been a whirlwind the last few days.  Firstly, I went to the Commerce Casino to cover the Los Angeles Poker Classic Main Event for about a week.  It was my first WPT event, and I was pretty stoked about the opportunity to view one up close and in person.  After having covered the World Series of Poker and the North American Poker Tour for the Twitter Poker Tour, the WPT was really the last tournament series that I wanted to scratch off my list.  But this post will not be about No Limit Hold’em, or any of that stuff.

I wanted to write about this earlier in the week, but the weekend and subsequent days have been hellish to say the least.  Friday was the normal zoo of events as all 4 of my kids need to get to their various girl scouts meetings after school, which requires me driving for roughly 3 hours with all the round trips that I make.  Then on Saturday morning, it was Girl Scout cookie boothing.  At the end of the session, it was time for Emma to head to the urgent care for a sore throat that she’s had for a few days.  Luckily, the test for strep throat came back negative and the doc said “just looks like a cold.  Should be gone in a few days.”  In the evening it was a girl scout activity, followed by passing out hard core.  On Sunday, it was time to take Kelli to the urgent care in the AM after injuring her shoulder on the trampoline.  After a fun time down at Kaiser (which resulted in her losing consciousness at one point while the doctor made her scream in agony whilst playing with the shoulder to see what was wrong), the diagnoses came in as a strained ligament or muscle pull, most likely in the rotator cuff.  The doc recommended physical therapy since it’s been such a long problem, and we’re really looking forward to that one.

But Sunday wouldn’t have been nearly as complete without a 3rd trip to the urgent care on the weekend, as Abby proceeded to bail on her scooter in the front yard and land awkwardly on her wrists.  About an hour into the pain, another doctors visit was in order.  The doc’s diagnosed as a bad sprain in both her wrists, and provided her with ace bandages so as to look much more like a mummy.  It should be a few days of evaluating how she responds, and if the pain is still there, then they’ll put in a request to see if it’s broken…which they thought that based on the reaction of Abby and her pain tolerance, that it was just a sprain.

So that ate up the weekend, while Monday and Tuesday were filled with a sick kid (Kelli) and Kaiser appointments that are the standard Monday and monthly thing with the wound-care clinic and the Bone-Marrow transplant team that are just follow up visits…but time consuming.  All told, I’m pretty damn tired of going to Kaiser.

I’ll catch everyone up on the poker stuff a little later.  It might be on the Blogger from the Rail on Full Tilt Poker, as I’ve had chats about including a couple of guest blogging items.  More on that one in the next day or so, and more on the newest happenings for the Twitter Poker, which has some big news around the corner.

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  1. Traci
    March 9th, 2011 at 01:00 | #1

    I agree, totally sick of Kaiser.

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