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A pretty good poker week

I feel like I’ve been playing some pretty good poker lately, but that I just haven’t had the time to fit in a lot of volume.  I took down the home game in pretty dominant fashion last week and just felt like I played mistake free poker.  That always feels good when you play good and run as good as you play.  In online poker, Full Tilt treated me very well this week.  I final tabled the $10+1 SuperStack $10,000 Guarantee and finished in 8th place.  I played pretty awesome until this happened:

Full Tilt Poker No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t8000.00/t16000.00 Blinds – 9 players – View hand 1241117

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

TigerTigerAA (MP1): t1449028.00 90.56 BBs

Xerces_23 (MP2): t435490.00 27.22 BBs

majid2 (CO): t307557.00 19.22 BBs

mighty_arch (BTN): t799261.00 49.95 BBs

giocri (SB): t764105.00 47.76 BBs

P1NTS1ZE (BB): t593867.00 37.12 BBs

Bajack9 (UTG): t256732.00 16.05 BBs

Hero (UTG+1): t512896.00 32.06 BBs

tanausu81 (UTG+2): t291064.00 18.19 BBs

Pre Flop: (t24000) Hero is UTG+1 with 9 of diamonds 9 of spades

1 fold, Hero raises to t35000, 2 folds, Xerces_23 calls t35000, 4 folds

Flop: (t94000) 9 of clubs T of hearts 7 of diamonds (2 players)

Hero bets t57750.00, Xerces_23 raises to t128000, Hero raises to t475896, Xerces_23 calls t272490 all in

Turn: (t894980) J of clubs (2 players – 1 is all in)

River: (t894980) 5 of diamonds (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: t894980

Xerces_23 shows 8 of spades 8 of clubs

Hero shows 9 of diamonds 9 of spades

Xerces_23 wins t908980.00

(Rake: t-16000)

That one took the wind out of my sails, and I would later get 3′s into AT, and my opponent flopped an Ace.  I didn’t feel so bad about the beat as I got the money in good, but it was one of those situations that if I win that hand (which I do about 75% of the time), then I’m playing for $2k instead of settling for $240.  But still, I’m happy with the way that I played it.

The TPT was a lot of fun on Thursday.  Matt Waldron joined me as the two of us did the TPT Live Show.  Geoff was sick so he bowed out in favor of some Niquel, and we were joined for a little more than an hour by Matt Keokian.  Matt is a 2-time WSOP Bracelet winner and has made 2 WPT Final Tables.  He’s an awesome player with more than $1.9 million in Live Tournament earnings, as well as a fun guest.  We talked about a great number of things, and I should be able to get that post up on the TPT site sometimes this evening or tomorrow morning.   The tournament itself didn’t fare as well as I busted in like 30th place or so.  I just never really got anything going and ran into a bigger hand when I shoved 12 BB’s with TT into AA and was done.

On Friday night, I again took down the home game.  Andrew made a slew of rebuys (perhaps setting a record at the home game) and the prize pool was gigantic as a result.  I chipped up slowly when we got to 5 handed play, and never really looked back, eventually getting the best of Manny heads up to take my 3rd win a row.   So I carried the run good over into the MiniFTOPS as I had some free time this afternoon.  But I lost a big flip with like 14k people left, and ended up busto.

Nothing has really changed on the job front however.  I had a discussion with PokerTableRatings.com about some of the “Changes” that they’re making.  They asked me to “recap” the things that I do for them.  It was a little unnerving, but I was assured that they still want me doing what I’m doing for the time being.  I did however submit and article for a guest post on the Full Tilt Poker Blogger from the Rail site.  We’ll see if that one gets picked up…hopefully this week.

Traci and I leave tomorrow for the Bahama’s as we catch a flight to Ft. Lauderdale from LAX and jump on a cruise ship on Tuesday.  We’ll spend a day in Freeport, and then return home with a one night stay in a hotel on the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m really looking forward to the time away.  Chat later.

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