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Back from the Bahamas….Yeah Mahn.

March 27th, 2011 1 comment

The sunset from our ship as we left Freeport, The Bahamas

Traci and I took a little vacation for about a week, and crammed in a great trip to The Bahamas.  I didn’t take the laptop, and I switched off the phone for 48 hours which meant no twitter, no online poker, no email, no facebook….and just some one on one time with my wife.  It was a fantastic getaway.

A while back, Traci and I attended a time share presentation and declined their offer to buy a bad resort for a ridiculous price.  But we did accept a gift of a free cruise to the Bahamas.  We paid for the port fees and taxes for a total of about $150 back in November of 2009, and had 18 months to put it to use.  Because the window of time was closing in, we decided to book some cheap airfare to Florida and take advantage of it.  We caught the red-eye flight out of LAX on Monday which left at around 11:50pm, and landed in Ft. Lauderdale at around 7:30 AM.  It was the first time that Traci and I had flown anywhere together, and it was the first time that Traci had flown since she’d been in the wheelchair. Read more…

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