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Full Tilt Poker’s Multi-Entry events definitely need a fix.

March 29th, 2011 7 comments
Mike Sowers

Mike Sowers won over a half million dollars last night, but the "Merged Stacks" may have actually cost him money.

Am I the only tournament poker player that doesn’t seem to think that Multi-Entry tournaments are a good thing?  I’ve played in a bunch of them before, and I’ve had a bunch of cashes in them.  But as we’re now in the midst of the Full Tilt Poker Double Guarantee’s week, where every tournament on FTP that has a guarantee is now a Multi-Entry event, I am left wondering if this is ultimately a “good thing” for the game of poker.  Yes, the Multi Entry events result in gigantic prize pools because of humongous field sizes where players are entering into the same tournament multiple times.  They’re basically like generating a prize pool kind of like a rebuy tournament does, except that the additional chips that you’re purchasing are being divided onto other tables as separate stacks and entries into the tournament over multiple tables.

I don’t have a problem with the multi-tabling aspect like so many other players do.  I’m very much accustomed to playing multiple tables, and have done as many as 28 in a single session.  It’s a lot to manage, and I do time-out from time to time. But for the most part, I can usually keep up the volume fairly well.  For me, managing the additional tables in a single Multi-Entry event is the easy part, but there is a big reason that they have never really set all that well with me.  The main reason is the way that the “Merged Stacks” take place at the end of the tournament, and the giant disparity it creates in your capacity for earning in a single tournament. Read more…

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