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What to watch today at the WSOP – There’s other stuff to do in Vegas besides poker

If you're hanging at the Rio today, it might be a good opportunity to see Penn and Teller instead of the WSOP

First let me sleepily get through a congratulatory paragraph for the three bracelet winners of yesterday.  Congratulations to Chris Viox (winner of Event #25 – Seven Card Stud Hi/Low for $200,459), Oleksii Kovalchuk (winner of Event #26 – $2,500 NLHE 6-max for $689.739), and to Daniel Idema (winner of Event #27 – $10k Limit Hold’em Championship for $378,642).  You all have your first bracelet and more money than me.  But honestly, your stories are boring, so I’m moving on.

If you’re at the Rio today, you’re not going to have a lot to see.  So honestly, if you were planning on doing something else with your weekend in Vegas, this would be a good one for that.  Here’s the basic story lines of interest in the events in action today:

Event # 28 – $1,500 NLHE

This event has played down to 28 players and has a shot of playing to a champion.  But I’d bet it hits the hard stop somewhere at the final table.  There is only one real story and that is WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenberger who is 4th in chips.  Otherwise, this is now a 3-table Sit-And-Go with the winner getting a bracelet and just shy of $600k.  So feel free to peer in to look at Andy once and again, but otherwise, moving on.

Event #29 – $2,500 10-Game Mixed

Shuan Deeb leads the 19 remaining players and this one has a shot at finishing up today.  Deeb is an interesting guy, and he’d make for an ok story.  But nobody else is really worthy of stopping the presses.  So check on on Deeb, then move on.

Event #30 – $1,000 Event for people that are really old

The Seniors event drew a whopping 3,752 players for a single day, which is just mind boggling.  My favorite part of this was that the PokerNews people were getting yelled at by the old fogeys because there wasn’t enough outlets to plug in all the power scooters at the Rio.  Outside of that story, I don’t really care who wins this one.  Although, I will say that it legitimizes the bracelet somewhat in that whoever does take it down will have had to overcome a huge field to do it.  There are still 529 players with chips in the thing however, so today will just be trimming the field.

Event #31 – $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha

I thought watching Tom Dwan in this event would be the best part of it, but the man known as Durrrr decided to skip it to attend his cousin’s wedding instead.  So we’re left with a field of 138 players, and I’m still scratching for some kind of story.  Of the players left, there’s a few that I hope that they survive the day, but like the old fogey event, today will be a field trimming day.

Of the events starting today, the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Eight or Better Championship will draw a fun field.  If you’re looking for big names at the Rio, this will be the event to hit up.  Otherwise, it’ll be the Weekend Warriors playing in the donkaments, and I’ll probably snore my way through covering those unless I have a buddy that makes a deep run.

So if you’re in Vegas, enjoy the pool today, see a show tonight, or hit the casinos yourself and press your luck.  Because the rail-bird action will be plenty light in today’s action, and honestly…you’re not going to miss that much.

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