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What to watch today at the WSOP – All of the Action is at the $10k Stud-8

Blow ups aside, Hellmuth is playing great this WSOP and has a 2nd chance this series at bracelet number 12, with just 18 left in the $10k Stud-8 Event.

I have to say that I’m impressed that yesterday saw three different events award bracelets.  I expected more than one of the events to be impacted by the hard stop, but the players played more loosely than I gave them credit for and we finished out the tournaments that were scheduled to be done.  So with that, there will only be 4 tournaments in action today, which marks the smallest number of tourney’s in action at the Rio since…well… I think day 1.  That should make it easy to view all the action in place, what with, you know, only having to be 4 places at once instead of 6.

Firstly I have to get the congratulatory paragraphs out to the newest jewelry recipients from yesterday. Chris Lee took down Event # 29 ($2,500 10-Game Mixed 6-max) booking $254,955.  I’m not that familiar with the guy that they call “Genius28″ but when I read a twitter message from Adam Levy (@roothlus) that said he was one of the sickest players out there, I took notice.  He doesn’t really have any live tournament scores of note, but he does have more than $500k in earnings online, as well as $400k in profit from online cash games.  My assumption is that he’s more of a cash game grinder than anything, so that’s why we’re not really all that familiar with him.  Whatever his story is, it’s brand new, so there isn’t much to write other than now he’s a WSOP Champion.

James Hess emerged over the massive field in the Seniors event which saw 3,752 players, a single day record at the WSOP.  For the win he takes home $557k, which is a pretty damn nice return on his investment considering the $1k buy in.  This is by far Hess’ largest career payday, and his 3rd WSOP career cash (2nd this year), eclipsing last year’s cash of roughly $11k in a $1,500 NLHE event but a relatively small margin.  Congratulations to Hess.

Finally, Sam Stein emerged victorious in the $3k PLO event and booked another $420k to his already impressive year.  He finished 3rd in the $10k Pot Limit Hold’em event this WSOP meaning that he’s gathered enough points in the WSOP Leaderboard to take over the top spot for now.  The win takes him to more than $1.7 million in live tournament earnings this year, and he’ll be a competitor for player of the year honors in all the scoring formats if he keeps up this pace.  Congratulations to Sam Stein.

Now for the tournaments that will be in play today:

Event #32 – $1,500 No Limit Hold’em

Unless Josh Brikis is somehow able to make a miraculous recovery from the shortstack, then there isn’t a whole lot of story left in this event.  Play wrapped up with 35 players bagging chips, and the chip average is 363,000 with blinds at 5k/10k/1k.  Brikis has more chips than me, but it’s still only 114k (or 11 BB’s), so he’s got a very big uphill battle to climb if he wants to make a run at a bracelet in this event.  But if he were to go bust, then I’d have zero reason to watch this event.

Event #33 – $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or Better Championship

18 Players are left, and more than half of them would make for a good to great story.  The notables left include Phil Hellmuth, Erik Seidel, Phil Laak and Ted Forest representing the good names for the Old Guard.  David Benyamine and Justin “Boosted J” Smith for the online cash gamers.  Ali Eslami, Joe Tehan, and Jon Turner are consummate tournament pro’s that would make a great story.  And a November 9’er (John Racener) as well as a Cyndy Violette (the lone remaining woman), make this a really loaded event.  If you’re going to watch some poker today, this would be the event to hover around as you’re going to see some really good names have a very good shot at a bracelet.

In the $1k Donkament of Event #34, there are some decent names near the tops of the chip counts (James Carroll and Amanda Baker come to mind) but there are 323 players remaining so today will just be a play down day.  Also, event #35 kicks off which will actually be a great watch.  The $5k Pot-Limit Omaha event will draw some really great names as its a 6-max tournament.  I don’t really expect it to be a gigantic field either.  The $5k buy-in will bring some really solid players.

That’s it for the action at the Rio today.

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