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What to watch today at the WSOP – Dwyte Pilgrim looks for a 2nd Career WSOP Final Table, and eyes a bracelet

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Dwyte Pilgrim has 3 WSOP-Circuit Championship Rings and a WPT Title on his resume, but today he has his eyes firmly fixed on a bracelet.

In the game of poker, there are great runs, heaters, and just simply skillful players.  To me, Jason Mercier has eclipsed all of those titles.  People that sit at a poker table with Jason have to consider themselves both the most fortunate and least fortunate of the players in any tournament.  Most fortunate because the reality is, you’re going to get a performance by one of the greatest players in the history of the game.  That may be a bold statement, and perhaps premature, but I really don’t think that’s too much of a stretch.  Just ask anyone at the table who has counted themselves unfortunate for sitting at Merciers table, because in the end, he’s stacking all of their chips.

Jason will turn 25 this November and has already accomplished the unthinkable.  My article on Mercier’s first three years of hitting $1 million in his first three years of playing live poker (found here) needs an update.  I gave myself some room at the end of the article saying “But $1 million in earnings in your first 3 years of live poker play is a truly unique title that Mercier can lay claim to, and it begs the question, can he make it 4 in a row next year? And is there anyone who doubts that he can?”  And he has. Read more…

Spiderman gets sued for playing poker

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Spiderman now looks to battle the forces of evil...who are suing him for winning at poker.

The poker world has been talking about this one most of the day today, and it’s kind of interesting….I guess.  Let me set the stage first: Back in 2009 a guy named Bradley Ruderman who was a Beverly Hills hedge fund manage was criminally charged in a federal court in Los Angeles for bilking investors out of about $44 million in a wire fraud scheme.  His hedge funds were shut down by the federal judge and the company Ruderman Capital Partners.  Basically Ruderman had raised the money claiming that he’d yield returns as high as 60% through stakes in high-profile companies such as Apple Inc., Microsoft, and Walmart.

Well it turns out that Ruderman was just a scam artist as he spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.7 million of the investor money on things like a summer rental on Malibu’s Carbon Beach and few Porsches.  Then, he dropped a reported $5.2 million of investor money at the high stakes Hollywood Poker games that were very popular between 2007-2009.  Well it turns out that $5.2 million is actually closer to $25 million and the investors are pissed, and want it back…deservedly so. Read more…