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How do you play Aces: Part Two

February 16th, 2012 1 comment

We have a flop, and villain check raises all in. What do you do?

I know that I said that I would get this up two days ago, but it seems like the only time that I’ve been home has been to sleep the last two days.  A somewhat unexpected turn of events.  So with that aside, we’ll get back to the hand in question.  If you missed part one of this discussion on how you should play aces in this spot, check out the full post here.

In summary, we’re on level one of the $340 Buy in NLHE tournament and UTG raises to 150 at blinds of 25/50.  Two players make the call when action folds to me in position with Ac-Ad.  The first question that I asked was, “do you raise or do you call.” Read more…

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