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A few thoughts on 2013, a new beginning of sorts.

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I started PablosPlace several years ago as something of a joke. I can remember teasing Traci about her 30th birthday party, and not wanting to give away the fact that I was planning a giant surprise party, so I’d thrown out a great many random ideas to throw her off of the actual plan. The plans were always egregiously absurd, with suggestions of items like going to the zoo, and playing poker there. Or it would include duct tape, a $20 bill, and well, you fill in the last part. It was just being silly.

But somewhere in the randomness, the whole PablosPlace idea spawned. In the beginning, I was just doing updates on the happenings of the home game, which consisted of a few of my friends that new nothing about how poker was really supposed to be played. We’d often play three or four sit and go games in a 4 hour period of time. But the game evolved as we grew as players, as did my writing abilities. I began to follow the poker syndicate with much more closeness than I ever had before, and I must admit, there was a keen fascination that bordered on love. Read more…

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