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Inspiration from Mark Cuban

January 4th, 2013 No comments

I figure that I’ll take the time to write here when I get the opportunity, and this morning seems to fit the bill. Abby has an appointment at noon, and we may have poker tonight, but since it’s my “off day,” I guess that I have the time to blog. So why not?

This morning on twitter I noticed a message that was re-tweeted by Mark Cuban. For those that don’t know him, Cuban is the philanthropist, business savvy tech guy that owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA Franchise. For those that do know him, he’s that goofy looking billionaire that is always getting fined by the NBA for being a Dallas Mavericks super fan. Cuban loves life, and he wears that on his sleeve. And with his life, how could you NOT love it. And this morning when he re-tweeted a message that someone had loved his book, I thought to myself “When did Mark Cuban write a book?”

It was as release for Kindle only, which I despise, so I was hesitant to act upon. But I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPhone and I loaded the preview of the book. It’s basically a collaboration of his most popular blogs that talk primarily about business, and how to motivate oneself to be the owner of a corporation, so to speak. Read more…

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