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The 2013 BCS Championship Playoff that could’ve been.

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I know that I harp on this every year, but I’m really sick and tired of the BCS playing to a champion by only inviting two teams to the final dance. I’m not going to sit here and say that Notre Dame and Alabama aren’t the two most deserving teams to play for the title, but I will say that I’d still much rather have a playoff system to determine that championship. Because the reality is, I have had absolutely zero interest in watching any of the bowl games this year, and I doubt very much that you have either. The only exception to that is that you’re a super fan of that specific university, so you watched one game with real interest. The rest of them might as well be dubbed the “WhoCares.Com Bowl.”

I don’t hate the bowl system completely. I think that it’s nice for the teams that end with 6 games won during the regular season to have one last “hurrah!” It makes the universities heaps of dough, the players and the families of those players love it. The parades and the traditions are cool. But the games themselves mean nothing, and that makes them really altogether unwatchable. Read more…

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