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It’s never to late for a Christmas Story

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Yesterday was an altogether good day. Since our family is so spread out, we often don’t get an opportunity to celebrate Christmas on any one given day. Coordinating all of our calendars among so many people and so many traditions means that we simply have to spread it out over a few different days to make certain that we celebrate our traditions with everyone. I don’t think the family really minds all that much, at least, I know that I don’t. It makes it feel like Christmas gets spread out over a season, making it last longer. It’s probably why enjoy the holiday season as much as I do, because it feels like it just keeps right on going. And I love to celebrate things filled with joy.

Yesterday capped our Christmas celebration with Traci’s side of the family bringing us down through the home stretch which led us to her mother Vicki’s house. Generally speaking, we usually convene with this crew sometime closer to Easter, which is a lot of fun having the kids do an egg hunt, followed by the opening of presents. Talk about merging all of your favorite Christian traditions, this one definitely takes the cake. But yesterday was a very fortuitous opportunity presented by the fact that Traci’s Uncle Jim is now retired, and was free much earlier in the year, enabling the date to happen.
So we convened at Vicki’s house with Traci’s brother Jimmy, and waited while the rest of the family filled the room. Vicki is one of four children, and they all began to arrive around the same time. I love those initial greetings where you can give hugs to your family, and see the looks of pure delight creep across everyone’s faces, just as they enter into a warm embrace filled with love. You get a moment to see the change that time has brought, and yet in the same moment, you have the opportunity to pick up right where you left off your last conversation, as if no time has passed at all. It’s a unique moment that brings me great happiness, and it is one that is typically experienced only among the company that you know and love so well. Read more…

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