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Planning the next family vacation

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Back in December of 2008, Traci and I bought a timeshare. Several times before our purchase, we’d stayed at different “one night free” spots and had timeshare presentations, which turned into really cool weekend getaways for us on the cheap. We’d tell them politely “no thank you,” and we’d walk away with a free night stay at some location, and some free swag to go along with it. It cost us a couple of hours of time, so in the end, we found that it was worth it.

When we accepted the offer to stay at The Jockey Club in Las Vegas, we thought we’d be doing the same thing. Only, they put us at this seedy hotel off the strip because of the wheelchair accessibility. And when I say Seedy, the Greek Isles (which isn’t even there anymore) was VERY seedy. We came back to the room one night sharing an elevator with three guys who walked ahead of us on our floor as we exited the elevator. They stopped about 5 doors away from us, drew their guns and proceeded to enter the room in a search mode. They were detectives and the room was empty, but it scared the crap out of Traci and I. Imagine what we’d have walked into if they people that they were after were actually in their room at the time. What timing. After that experience, how could we not buy? Right? Read more…

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