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Two nuggets from a “blah day”

Life is often full of bland days, and recapping the activities of yesterday certainly makes for one of them. It was a morning off of work, followed by working from 1pm-9:45pm, and then home to crash. But a few nuggets of interest came from the day.

1) Vacationing with the family over the spring break just isn’t going to happen this year.

Santa got the kids tickets to see the Broadway production of “Beauty and the Beast” for Christmas this year, and wouldn’t you know it, the date is right smack dab in the middle of Spring Break for the kids. Which means that either we don’t go to the play, or we plan our trip for another time.  After chatting with Traci yesterday morning about the contents of my blog, (which turned out to be a mistake on timing apparently, I’ll get to that one later) just about every trip idea turned into a “meh” idea on her end because of the time of year and potential costs. I waited until she woke up to go down the hall and chat with her about the idea. I’d been up for several hours at this point after having taken the kids to school, coming home to blog, and then playing around on the computer when she texted me to say “good morning.” So I went down the hall to talk to her about the blog and start to make some plans with her.

I thought that my timing was good. We were alone, no kids were even in the house to distract our conversation, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook, and there wasn’t even “can’t miss garbage TV” like Grey’s Anatomy or The Bachelor on. No distractors and complete availability. It just turned out that even though her eyes were open, she didn’t want to chat because she’d slept poorly and didn’t really want to think about it. Approaching her put her in a grumpy mood about it, and the conversation took a negative tone and turn.

In the end, she really didn’t know exactly how much time she wanted to stay in Oregon, she didn’t want to drive to Salem in one day because she felt it was too long of a drive for the kids, and she was non-committal about the Washington possibility and plenty distracted by it. It was too much to handle for that early in the morning apparently. And by the time “Kelly and Michael” came on the TV, I knew that the conversation was over because I’d lost her. “The View” on after that and her day had begun, and vacationing wasn’t even a thought with all these hurdles in the way.

I left the conversation thinking about her points, and they’re valid ones. But it got me to thinking that if we did do the Oregon/Washington trip in one fail swoop, it’d be better planned over the course of about 10 days. Day one, we’d probably leave early (maybe 6-7, and go straight to San Francisco. That’d put us there by about noon. We could play around in China Town, do the Golden Gate Bridge, and ride a Trolley all in the course of an afternoon, and by evening find a hotel and shack up for the night. In the morning of day 2, we’d ship out early again and head another 9 hours north into Oregon. We’d arrive late in the afternoon/early evening where we’d turn in basically after that long drive. I think days 3, 4, and 5 we’d spend in Oregon playing around with friends and doing some activities that she’d have to map out simply because I don’t know the area as well. We’d work in some of those activities with her brother P.J. and her friend Rhonda whom she would want to spend some of the time with, and hopefully make the best of those 3 days. On day 6, we’d continue up to Washington into Port Townsend. It’s just a 4.5 hour drive north. It may give us some time to do Seattle first, and then end the night in Port Townsend, so that on days 7 and 8, we’d have two days to play in Washington. On one of them, I’d like to spend the day in Victoria, British Columbia. But on Day 9, we’d have to head on back for the long drive home. It’d be 18 hours of drive time, and we’d have to break that one up over at least two days, stopping somewhere midway through for the night, and then continuing home. In all, we’d have to count into the trip a lot of money to make this one work, but I think it would be best done over the Summer vacation for two main reasons, time and weather. Traci seemed confident that traveling to that area of Oregon at the end of March would mean dealing with all of the snow through northern California and would be terrible inclement weather in Oregon. So I think it best, and now necessary that we curtail this particular trip until Summer at the earliest, and even potentially the Summer of 2014. Because really, this trip was second on my list because I’d rather do the Utah trip. This one was a backup incase all the resorts in Utah were unavailable.

2) The second nugget of information that was big yesterday was the opening of a job at Best Buy.

Basically, one of our Store Managers accepted a position at another store much closer to his home (he’d be commuting 2 hours everyday for the gig), which resulted in some re-shuffling among the store managers. As a result, a Supervisor position opened up, and I submitted my application for the position.

I want this one bad. And in my next blog, I want to lay out some of the points as to why I’d be a good fit for the position and script my interview responses so that I’m ready for the opportunity. I think that going in, I have to be considered the favorite for the job, and I want to paint myself in the best possible light so that I get it. That means doing my homework, and building my resume for that interview so that it makes me a can’t miss candidate for the job. I know how good I’d be at it, and I believe that they’d be foolish not to give it to me. I need to show them that in the interview and not hold anything back. So the practice for that interview will begin right here on my next blog where I can spend some more time with my thoughts. But for now, I work in 90 minutes and still need a shower, so it’s time to get a move on.

Adieu until tomorrow.

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