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It’s interview day.

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The call came yesterday morning while Traci and I were down the hall watching television and mapping out our day. I knew it was coming eventually, and it just happened to fall on an idle Tuesday that was my off day. My store rang and let me know that they wanted to set up an interview for the Supervisor position that I’d applied for, and that they wanted to set it for today at 1:30pm. Turns out, I was all in on the idea.

I’ve had a total of 6 interviews so far for other Supervisor spots within Best Buy, and they’ve all carried with them the same results. “Sorry, but we went with someone else.” I hate those words, and even more so when I’m an applicant for a position. I hate it more when I measure my ability versus another’s and find that I’m more qualified for a position, and yet still get passed over. The other times, I was still a young pup in the world that is retail, but my managerial experience in my other positions and the successes that I had while in those positions would lend one to believe that I’m certainly a good fit for a company. Or so I would think. But when someone else has been applying for a position longer than I have, I suppose that somehow takes precedence. Read more…

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