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I may not have the job, but I have so much more.

This is one of those blogs where I’m happy I came up with this instead of what I wrote the first time. It’s also a long blog that needs to be read in it’s entirety, so I apologize to the 15 minutes that I’m going to steal away from your day ahead of time. I had written this long 2000 word piece venting about how angry that I was that I didn’t get the supervisor spot I applied and interviewed for on Monday, and then I thought better about posting it immediately. While the emotion of it all was still fresh and burning, the perspective just wasn’t fair to the big picture of what they’re attempting to accomplish from within my store. At the end of the day, another Supervisor was slotted into the position to keep a job, and a downsized Supervisor at another location was moved in to keep another. Both good employees that needed a gig, and it made me feel a little better about the company that I work for when I got the explanation. They were simply taking care of their employees once again, which makes me believe that they’re hanging onto good people, and I can’t be upset about that.

It made me feel even better still as my immediate supervisor the next day took me into a private office with full intent on working with me to become the next in line. That was coupled with my GM meeting individually with me to tell me the same thing, and that he wasn’t done making moves, and would like to get me back onto the sales floor by relocating some of the other associates in the store around. That was followed by a pep talk by the supervisor from Home Theatre, a department and an individual that I rarely have contact with, giving me a 3rd pep talk that day and motivating me to keep at it, and also wanting to work with me to reach the next goal. All of them recognized me for what I have done and said “while this wasn’t my time, my time is coming very shortly.”

While it certainly is never good knowing that when you walked into an interview drawing dead on the position, it was nice to hear that my supervisor team was doing an active job to build me up. And a 2,000 blog slamming people for that certainly doesn’t seem fitting given what the end result is, and how knowing the final outcome of a plan in motion while seeing how it all shakes down. I know that long term, I’ll be a supervisor within the company, and that pathway will be relatively short-lived until a store manager position opens, and then maybe a General Manager post. I definitely see that taking place in the next 2-5 years. And I hope that its closer to the 2 year mark, but with so many other people that have longer Best Buy resumes, its probably most likely the latter, and I still have much to prove to this corporation.

I will also say that they did a great deal to help seal the deal with me yesterday as I went shopping with Abby for a Camera. Since Christmas, she’s been on a kick where she wants a Camcorder, and that she wants to buy it with her own money. She’d raked in just over $70 from her Christmas take, and she was adamant that she wanted a Camcorder and not a point and shoot camera. She wanted to take and shoot videos and while the other cameras had video capability, she really just wanted a camcorder. I thought that the want would be a fleeting want and would eventually pass, so I gave her a few weeks before taking her shopping to see if her mind would change. But nearly a month after Christmas she was still riding the same train, so I took her to simply shop and see if she could find one that she wanted, and get her ready for the fact that her $70 wasn’t enough to buy one.

Traci had gone out shopping with Kelli and Emma for a birthday present for a party that they were heading to that evening, while Nikki was at her Grandma’s on a setup play date. So Abby and I went together to my Best Buy store, and we headed immediately over to the cameras and camcorder section and walked around the units that started at a couple hundred bucks, and she pretty quickly realized that she was priced out of that market. We walked really quickly through the point an shoots and while they were certainly closer to what she was looking for in terms of price, it made her kind of sad that she was going to have to continue to save her pennies if this was a route that she wanted to head down, and sadder still that the goal that she had set for herself now seemed completely unreachable. I think that she was prepared for it to a degree, but you could visibly tell that it was still somewhat of a letdown. As we made one last pass through the camcorders, my GM caught me and shook hands asking what we were doing in the store today, and we caught him up to speed. He asked a couple of questions of Abby and said that if I wanted an open box camera, that he’d make me a good deal on one. So I wandered back over to the open box area with Abby and I found a Sony Camcorder that was regularly priced $329.99, but had no box, no battery, no charger, and was questionable as to whether or not it even worked. It was listed at $131 in it’s present state, which was a bargain in itself, but it needed all of the accessories that go along with it.

This meant very little to me because those accessories are where the employee discount typically comes in with great value. Because of the condition of the camera, the associate went to the department supervisor and showed him the camcorder and asked him what deal he would do for me in its present condition. Without hesitation he said, “I’m never going to be able to sell this in it’s present condition to anyone else, so how about $30?” And just like that, we had a camcorder for Abby and let me tell you, she was squealing with delight. The next thing was to find the accessories to make it work, and whether or not they fell into the realm of her affordability right then. A new battery would normally retail at $49.99 and the charger for $41.99. But on employee discount, those items were both under $15. Finally, Abby was able for find a $20 camera bag that I was able to get for $6 and we got a protection plan for the camera for a whopping $2. In all, the final sale was a total of $74.04, and Abby delightedly pulled her $73 out of her wallet, and I covered the other $1.04.

There really isn’t anything else on this earth that even compares with the feeling that I get when I watch my children experience joy. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING on this earth makes me happier than to watch my kids be happy, and this made Abby so amazingly gleeful that I become overwhelmed with emotion. It seems ridiculous, but I couldn’t but help tear up a little to watch how excited that she was that Best Buy made this happen for her, and that just because I work there that they would do this kind of deal for me, and for her. I was truly floored, and amazingly grateful. Abby hugged the sales associate as she thanked him, and we went around the store looking for the department Supervisor who made the decision, and Abby thanked him as well as she gave him a giant hug. We shook hands as he said “we’re happy to take care of you.” And as I left the store with my glowing child, who had more than $500 worth of product in her hand that she’d received an unfathomable deal on, and satisfied an unreachable goal and desire, I realized something important. I was both grateful and happy for the time that I’d put into Best Buy, and all of that work had led to the joy that she was experiencing at that moment. And it made it completely worth it.

While losing out on the supervisor position that I felt that I was deserving of, and one can make the argument that I was more qualified for and would be better in, it took me into a very low place that evening. The raw emotion spilled over onto social media, with several others trying to build me back up from where I was. It was Andrew who read my wallowing posts on Twitter, and made plans for the two of us to meet for beers at Islands the following night to catch up with one another after his vacation to Colorado. What I was reminded of by some folks on twitter and Facebook, and by the meet up with Andrew was the fact that, really, I have it pretty damn good.

At the end of the day, I have a great many things to be thankful for. I have four amazing and beautiful and growing children that are happy and healthy. I have an unbelievable wife who loves me more than I can even fathom. I have amazing friends who care about me and want me to succeed. I have a work full of people that appreciate what I do at my job on a day to day basis. I’ve got a roof over my head and all of my basic essentials taken care of. While I’m certainly a long way away from the things that I want, my story in this life reads “I have all of the things that I really need.” I’ve been provided for in a way that allows me to survive the day, and to continue onto the next while still being joyful and thankful for all that I have. I’m not going focus on the shortcomings this life has afforded me, but rather I want to dwell within the gifts that I have been given and be thankful for what I have. There is much to be joyful for within my life, and sometimes it just takes something small to recognize that.

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