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Fighting through an illness is never fun but is a part of life that at some point everyone has to endure.  I came down with a head cold that started out slowly this past week, and came on strong yesterday. It’s more annoying than debilitating, but it’s still never fun to have the sniffles and endure coughing, runny nose symptoms. Alas, I have too much to do today to sit around and be sick, so it may end up being a virus that sticks around for a few days longer.

I attempted to get in a blog yesterday morning, but it was extremely poor timing on my part.  Between the kids beating me to be awake, and hanging with Traci in the morning, there just wasn’t anytime to get onto the computer.  One by one each of my kids took their turns at the computer and I just never got to it.  It was an interesting dynamic as I wandered throughout my own house without anywhere to really go. Traci was watching some house flipping program in our bedroom, the kids were watching Disney Channel or some other kids related program on our other TV, and another one was on the computer either play Web Kinz, Club Penguin, or Heytanna or Facebook the entire time.  Bottom line, I was a king without a castle, and it was the norm for the most part. Read more…

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