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A Disney Escape

I made it one of my goals at the start of the year to place a post here at least once a week.  Thus far, I’ve actually kept up with that.  I’ve actually had even more things that I’ve written but that I haven’t posted here because they’ve taken turns that I haven’t cared for, or gone on tangents that just simple weren’t worth sharing.  They were negative, or they had to deal with subjects that simply weren’t constructive, and so I bagged the ideas.  Think of balling up the paper that was in the typewriter, tossing it in the garbage can, and starting over.  Sometimes, the best items written take a few tries to get there I suppose.  So as not to bog this place down with things that really need not be spoken about, I want to simply focus on staying within the joy of the moment, and preparing for moving forward while accomplishing that goal tomorrow.  To that degree, in looking backward, it’s been a really fun week.

This Christmas, Traci’s mother Vicki got us all tickets to go to Disneyland. She was able to ring together some kind of deal through someplace that got a little bit of a discount on the tickets, and made it possible for her to treat us to the park when it would have otherwise been unaffordable to buy 6 tickets to something as expensive as the Happiest Place on Earth.  Having been season pass holders for years, this past spring when our passes expired we elected to non-renew our traditional passes at all given the absurd price hikes with the passes as Disneyland California Adventure had finally opened their new Buena Vista Street, and the all new Cars Land.  Unfortunately for us, the timing on the expiration of our passes meant that we missed out on the unveiling, and couldn’t take in the completed project of their years of interrupted park experience from their construction because it was simply unaffordable for us.  So instead of having another day a Disneyland Park, we elected to use the one day, one park tickets at California Adventure to experience a part of the park that was new, and was never seen before.  It seemed like a great plan, and it turned out that it was.

The six of us, along with Vicki and Traci’s brother Jimmy, wandered in to see the new sites, ride the new rides, and soak in the changes that have been made to the park, and I have to say, it was one of our best trips.  We got into the park before 9am and quickly got fast passes for the new Cars rides and for World of Color.  We ran into a couple of Disney TV Celebrity’s that made the kids giggle with glee, rode Soaring over California, California Screaming, Toy Story Mania, and most of the other attractions by mid day.  Somewhere around the middle of the day we stopped to eat our packed lunches to help reduce the costs of the day.  It was a fun-filled day where the rest of the financial problems that we’ve had recently simply were swept away, and for one whole day, we felt like a family that could do absolutely anything.

As the day wound down, the kids showed signs of exhaustion, and by the time that we watched the end of World of Color, they were ready to head home.  They were pretty much all passed out completely in the back of the van by the time that we made it to the freeway, and we went home relishing in the success that was a fantastic day.  I can’t begin to thank Vicki enough for the gift of such a joyous day and such a wonderful memory that was created.  When people call Disneyland “The Magic Kingdom,” for our family specifically, there is a lot of truth in it.  It really was wonderful.

I’ll keep this post short for now so as not to ruin the good times with family with other stories that need not be told along with this.  It was great to escape it all for a day, and we’ll leave it with that.

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