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Yet another interview

I got a call last evening about interviewing for another job that I applied for.  About two weeks ago, I saw a posting for the Best Buy Mobile Lead sales spot, and I threw my name into the hat for it.  I don’t think that I can be considered the favorite for this particular post, which perhaps means that I’m a shoe in for it.  This whole concept of “upward growth and mobility” seems to be completely foreign to me, and I’m just plain giving up on trying to understand it for the time being. So with that, why not apply for this job, which I don’t have anything more than two days worth of experience in.  Maybe that’s what will land me the gig.

In all fairness, the BBM Lead is actually a good slot to fit into.  Lead positions are directly under the department supervisors, and in effect running the department in the supervisors absence.  They are responsible for team building and held accountable for the performance of the group just as much as the supervisor is, and in chatting with my supervisor, as well as the supervisors in other departments and the store managers that I’m friendly with, the lead positions are really more like stepping stones to the supervisor positions.  You act as a supervisor, so you basically become the “next in line.”  So consider the position holder to be Luc Skywalker, and the supervisor to be Obi Wan Kenobi.  After all, it’s been a while since I was able to throw in a good Star Wars reference.

The pay should be relatively similar, so it would be a somewhat lateral move fiscally, but in the game of Best Buy chess, it seems to be a good one.  If it creates a spot where I can be next in line, I’m all in on it.  But whether or not I’m qualified for the position, that raises another question.  I mean, if I were the hiring manager, I’d much be much more likely to select a candidate that has been in the department, knows how the business operates, and would make a seamless transition into the lead spot.  But if the department is devoid of such a person, than perhaps it will be open season for the spot, meaning that I actually have a legitimate shot at it. Truth is, I really don’t know.

All that I can do is go in and interview for the spot.  I’ll do my job and sell myself the best that I can, and I’ll let the pieces fall as they may.  I can easily overcome the non-experience factor with examples within Best Buy alone.  I learned the whole Geek Squad thing in less than a month.  I knew nothing about computers at all before taking the job with Best Buy a couple of years ago, and yet I have become the “go to guy” with questions in the store.  And it took about a week and a half to pick up the appliances position, which I only held for two months en route to breaking some records while I was there.  I have a pretty impressive Best Buy resume, but an even more impressive resume outside of Best Buy.  While I believe that I’m the most experienced person in the business world that will be applying for the job, I should just need to go in there and show why I’m the best fit with my talents for the job.  That should be enough.

And if it’s not, then so be it.  I’m giving up on trying to figure out the “why” in these cases.  It’s out of my control, so let it be.  I’m still showing up to work every day, and I’ll be damned if I don’t continue to give them myself.  And that should be more than enough.

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