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A new business idea

I’ve always found it amusing how inspiration for writing hits me in waves.  I’m sure that I’m not alone on this either, as there are those blogs that I read that has amazing content for a regular period of time, and then they’ve got absolutely nothing for a period.  Just crickets.  You’ll see that if you look at the timeline on this blog as a theme as well.  I’ve gone long stretches since I’ve had this little ole’ blog without the time or motivation to get to it.  But in many ways, it’s therapeutic and I’m glad when I’m consistent about it.  I’ve also found that as I continue to blog about my life, it seemingly improves when I’m able to get things down, and just get through my thoughts. To that degree, I’ll be chatting about money a little today.

Last year was my worst year financially since I was 17 years old.  I actually looked it up, because when I got my W-2, I couldn’t believe how little I had made.  It turns out, I actually made more money when I turned 18 than I did this year.  The year prior, I had the benefit of nearly six months of unemployment that I was able to collect, in addition to the money I made at Best Buy, and I also had the writing income and some poker income.  But this year, none of that ancillary income was available.  It just all dried up.

I’ve had several chats with Traci about the need to add additional revenue into our family household, and we haven’t had a means of doing so.  Between the odd hours that I keep as a result of working retail, it’s tough to pin down a second gig.  I just don’t have the time to do it.  Traci simply can’t find another gig because she’s on disability, and there really isn’t another gig that she’d be able to find that would pay what she makes from Uncle Sam anyway…and lets face it, there are not exactly a ton of places that are looking to hire a lady in a wheelchair that has limited physical capabilities.

So between Traci’s meager fixed income, and my extremely meager income in 2012, we struggled to get through the year, but somehow we made it.  But this year, we need something extra to help out, or else we’ll be in a heap of trouble if we have something unexpected come up, and with four kids, unexpected should really just be…expected.

We have a mutual friend Amanda Hawes, who has been selling Jewelry at various parties for a few months now, and gathers all of her girlfriends for these functions where they get together, play a few games, and try on while eventually purchasing jewelry.  This past Saturday, Amanda hosted one at our house and because I was home, I got the chance to really see how the business worked.  They’re very reasonably priced, and more for casual wear items, and I was surprised by the collection and how well the ladies actually liked them.  Most girls love jewelry to begin with, but it was interesting to see the responses that these pieces actually created among the women that were here.

Now, living in a house with five other women, I have a different appreciation for the opposite sex and slightly greater understanding of their overall makeup than I think that most men do.  I’m far from understanding how women think, or how they operate.  The reality is, they don’t know how they operate or why they operate either, so it’s impossible to figure them out.  But I will say, that it was an easy way to gain a sense of interest, and women tend to spend a hefty sum on things like this.  That led me to thinking that maybe, Traci and I could partner together and do what Amanda was doing.

We investigated the potential startup costs, and it was hefty up front, but the ROI would be pretty immediate.  In addition, we have a massive pool of females that we could pool from all of the female friends that we have in this family, and setting up additional parties of our own would lead to a fairly sizeable ancillary income.  It seems like a surefire way for us to make a few bucks on the side, and it seems like it would actually be a fun way of doing it.  As long as everything is setup in my name, than it becomes 100% legit as well.  Which leads me to believe that this may be our next venture.

I’ll have a little more on this as we iron out the kinks on it.  It’ll be a few weeks, likely waiting until after Uncle Sam decides to finally send us our refund, before we seriously begin to tackle whether or not this makes real fiscal sense for us.  But I think that this is actually something that could help dig ourselves out of this financial mess that we’ve been swimming through.  I’ll chat about this in another blog.

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