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Giving up on a dream

March 1st, 2013 No comments

Over the past week or so, there really hasn’t been all that much change in anything in life, but the next two may be a much different story.  I’ll chat about that more later and in another blog, but here I want to talk about being letdown, and giving up on a dream.  This week, we went out to visit Traci’s Grandparents in Camarillo and the visit was as good as could be expected.  Lucille, who is clearly closing in on her end with us on this earth was actually in very good spirits.  She was smiling and responsive, and was actually asking for things with clarity to Traci who spent the majority of the time of our visit at her bedside.  There was a moment when Lucille asked Traci if she could teach her to speak Spanish, and it came pretty much out of the blue considering that Traci doesn’t really speak more than a couple of words of the language.  But it was good for a chuckle nonetheless.

The visit was somewhat marred for us as we finally came to the realization that the house that her Grandparents live in really wouldn’t be a reality for us.  Traci’s Aunt Sue is staying with her parents while her mother is in her final days, and had told us that she has received an offer of $575,000 for their home.  The home itself is a beautiful house that was built by Traci’s Grandparents themselves back when Traci was born 35 years ago.  It has some structural problems with the foundation, and had a bout with termites that would require some fixing, but overall, it’s something that has been lived in for the past 35 years, and continues to be done so today. Read more…

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