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What’s ahead in the next two weeks

I mentioned in my previous post that the next two weeks could present some change in life, and it may a little.  Firstly, our Federal Tax Return is set to be deposited on Wednesday according to the “Where’s My Tax Return” app that I uploaded.  Traci and I filed our taxes on February 7th, but it supposedly takes 21 days to get the return back, even when filing electronically.  In actuality, it’ll take closer to a month.  But we’ll be happy to finally have it.

We’ve been putting off the repair work on our cars until we had the money to actually repair them.  We borrowed some money to repair the van the last time that it had some troubles, and we also need to repair that one.  But now, all three of our vehicles are screaming for work, and it’s way overdue.  But when you’re short on cash, there isn’t much that you can do other than hope that they last, and that when the money finally comes through, fix them up again.  The 99′ Nissan Maxima needs new brakes and rotors, as well as some engine work and spark plugs.  The 02′ Ford E-150 needs to have some belts worked on, as well as check the suspension.  And the 02′ Mazda Protégé needs the same work as the Nissan.  In all, we expect the repair work and the loan repayment to exhaust roughly 70-80% of our return.  It’s a huge chunk, but hopefully this will get the cars all healthy enough that they’ll continue running for years to come on regular maintenance. 

We’re not 100% certain what we’re going to do with the remainder of the money just yet, but one of the plans is invest in ourselves with the new business venture idea.  The jewelry business that Amanda is involved with, along with our connections given the number of women that are in our family, presents an opportunity to make a sizeable amount of side income.  We still have a lot to learn about how the business operates, but the reality is that it’s sales, and that’s something that I’m pretty good at.  Amanda will actually be coming by the house tomorrow to chat with Traci and I with more details on how to get the business up and running, and what we’d really need.  I’m excited about it as it really presents the first real opportunity of additional income since I took the Best Buy job almost two years ago.  I don’t expect to be made rich from the idea, but if we can get some supplemental income from the deal, then it will be worth the investment of capital and time.

Lastly, I know that there is another supervisor position coming available at some point this week.  It will be in another store, but it’ll be nearby.  The Lifestyles department will be changing heads (That serves as a supervisor role of the Appliances, Gaming, Digital Imagery, and Media departments), and will create a vacancy that I’ll be applying for.  It will mark the Eighth time that I will apply for a supervisor position, and I’m not laying odds this time or drumming up expectations.  Having been letdown seven times prior, I’ve learned that when it comes to these positions that there is already a plan, and that all I can do is apply for the job and run through the motions.  If I’m in line for the gig, they’ll chose me.  If I’m not in line, they’ll hand it over to whomever they choose.  There really is little that I’m going to be able to do in an interview for it.  I’ll still bring my usual interview, and my qualifications to the table.  But I’m not going to cross my fingers this time.

So that’s the news of what’s in the hopper for the weeks ahead.  As it unfolds, I’ll be back here to get it down on the blog to see how it actually unfolds.  The reality of the tax return opens up some possibilities to meet some of the goals that I set at the beginning of the year, and it will be very nice to finally have the opportunity to begin planning for those achievement of those goals.  But we’ll still need to wait about another week.


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