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Finally, a Friday night home game…and some coming news.

After what has felt like months, probably because it actually has been, the gang assembled here at PablosPlace for some Friday night poker action once again.  It’s not as if we’ve abandoned the home game altogether, but rather that I have been bust working most Friday nights, and there are a lot of us that just seem to have different things happening that make it tough to convene.  But the stars aligned for this past Friday as Tim, Andrew, Ben, and Robert joined Traci and myself, dusted off the thick layer of dust on the chips, and got some action together on the felt for some poker.

I feel like I’ve lost my lust for playing the last year or so, where I just don’t have the same passion for it that I once used to.  This blog was originally put together with the intent on sending out messages to everyone about the home game, and reporting about the results.  This was long before Facebook was a dream in Zuckerberg’s head, and long before we really communicated in mass texts or through GroupMe.  In the beginning, PablosPlace was somewhat of a joke that happened to manifest itself as my private little sanctuary that became a public journal of sorts that everyone seemed to enjoy.  And so I continued writing whatever was on top of my head, and people seemed to like it, presenting me with inspiration to continue writing here and sharing my life experiences when I was motivated to write about them.

Last Friday’s game was a sense of relief.  It was a simple escape from our broken vehicles (which we paid a bloody fortune to have them fixed now….finally), our financial stresses (which we seem to have caught up on), and a night where we could once again sit around a table as friends, and laugh. We drank some beers, enjoyed Andrew’s homemade ice cream that he had earlier concocted with our children, and combined it with some A&W Root Beer for floats.  And while we tossed the cards and chips around, we simply enjoyed one another’s company, and we laughed.  It was good therapy.  In the end, I ended up with all the chips after a long battle heads up with Andrew, where he had climbed out of a fantastic hole to take a lead, but fell just short.  The night was enjoyed by everyone, echoing the sentiment that we simply need to do this more often.

Now that the dust has settled from our income tax refund, and the reinvestment in the process of catching up on all the items that we’d fallen behind on, it becomes time to move forward with what our year plans to hold. This week, Traci and I plan on publicly launching our new business venture, a partnership with Premiere Designs Jewelry. We’ve made an investment in the company with an intent on bringing some joy to the girls that we know in our lives (and given the fact that I live with five of them, we know a lot) by adding a little bit of bling, for a small investment.  I was surprised at how good the selection of jewelry actually was, and the investment of capital and time was small enough that it made perfect sense for the fun that we would have in putting together shows with the family for our friends and loved ones.  The official announcement will come soon as Traci and I put together a business plan of sorts, but be on the lookout for a contact from us soon as we begin our newest venture in life.

That’s all for now.  Just a quick little blurb, but the next one will likely be chatting about the business with as much information as I can possibly divulge.  I’m excited for what is in store, just like I’m excited about the potential for another supervisor position at another store.  I applied for the Lifestyles Supervisor position in the Porter Ranch location, and we’ll see about the interview in the coming days.  I’ve learned not to set my expectations very high, and simply give them everything that I can in the interview, hoping that it’s enough.  But I’m definitely looking forward to my next blog already….just need to find the fast forward button for life first.

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