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Time Warner Cable’s Second Epic Fail

March 13th, 2013 No comments

“Fool me once, shame on you;  Fool me twice….”


Back in December Traci and I switched our home telephone, cable, and internet provision from AT&T U-Verse to Time Warner Cable.  The transition was absolutely brutal and was filled with countless flaws.  I wrote a blog about the complete mess that Time Warner made of the transition, posted it on PablosPlace (you can read it here) and when it hit online, I immediately got a response from Time Warner via their twitter, apologizing for the mishaps and “escalating our matter to corporate.”  The subsequent escalation resulted in a conversation with a lady named Glenda, who did what she could to make the situation better, and for the most part, she was able to put a band-aide on the situation.

Bottom line, Glenda addressed the issues that we had point by point, scheduled a technician to come back out to the house to provide the correct equipment, and adjusted our bill to a closer to promised rate, and we made peace with the fact that they weren’t going to own up to the $89.99 per month rate that the flyer clearly indicated.  It was a concession on both of our ends, but ultimately we were going to have the service that was promised to us at the beginning, and we’d be ok with the rate that we’d be paying as it would still be saving us roughly $20 a month by switching services.  If we’d only have known how much of a bargain with the devil that we would have made…. Read more…

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