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Saying goodbye, and trying to move on.

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It’s been an extremely busy week filled with a ton of activities.  Even my days off weren’t really days off so much, as they were busy filling mundane activities and driving people around and running household errands.  But we survived the week and then some, and we’ve had our share of joys and sorrows during the events.  When last I blogged, I wrote about the whole Time Warner Cable fiasco.  Since then, we’ve experienced a death in the family, a vacation, an interview, a resolution of the Time Warner Cable situation, Open House at the kids school, and tonight we’re heading to see Beauty and the Beast at the Pantageous Theatre in Hollywood.  There’s a lot to pack into a blog…most likely too much for one, but I’m going to do my best to catch up so that I can reflect.

I want to begin by finally wishing a farewell to Traci’s Grandmother Lucille Jaeger.  Lucille has been holding onto life for more than a year, suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia and being bed ridden for that entire time frame.  Finally early on Friday morning, she breathed her final breathes before passing away at home, where her husband of roughly 60 years was with her, as was her son Phil (Traci’s dad), and her daughter Sue (who had been staying with them for nearly the last month or so. Read more…

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