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Saying goodbye, and trying to move on.

It’s been an extremely busy week filled with a ton of activities.  Even my days off weren’t really days off so much, as they were busy filling mundane activities and driving people around and running household errands.  But we survived the week and then some, and we’ve had our share of joys and sorrows during the events.  When last I blogged, I wrote about the whole Time Warner Cable fiasco.  Since then, we’ve experienced a death in the family, a vacation, an interview, a resolution of the Time Warner Cable situation, Open House at the kids school, and tonight we’re heading to see Beauty and the Beast at the Pantageous Theatre in Hollywood.  There’s a lot to pack into a blog…most likely too much for one, but I’m going to do my best to catch up so that I can reflect.

I want to begin by finally wishing a farewell to Traci’s Grandmother Lucille Jaeger.  Lucille has been holding onto life for more than a year, suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia and being bed ridden for that entire time frame.  Finally early on Friday morning, she breathed her final breathes before passing away at home, where her husband of roughly 60 years was with her, as was her son Phil (Traci’s dad), and her daughter Sue (who had been staying with them for nearly the last month or so.

While Traci and I have been out to visit with Lucille and Bob nearly weekly, the visits had become more of a chance to meet with Bob as his wife began to fade away, often spending the majority of our visits to their house asleep, and even in consciousness with very little recognition of anything or anyone.  Alzheimer’s is a strange and terrible disease that affects the elderly that leaves very little to be explained of just what exactly is understood by the afflicted or by those that surround them.  But at 98 years of age, Lucille had a wonderful life filled with an amazing amount of joy and happiness.  Her husband Bob is struggling with the loss, as is expected, and we can do little other than offer our thoughts and prayers to console him.  It’s never easy losing a loved one, and it must be impossible to watch them struggle, especially when so much of your life has been spent with one person.  But in all, Bob handled himself admirably, and it fills my heart with great joy to see the love in his actions, in the way that he treated his wife in her final years.  It was very apparent in the way that he cared for her that this was going to be exceptionally difficult for him, and now while we celebrate the life that Lucille led, our eyes have turned to Bob as he mourns the death of his wife.  We hope that he will be able to pull through it.  In the meantime, Lucille will be fondly remembered, and dearly missed.

Traci made her final visit with her Grandmother on Thursday, just a few hours before she would eventually pass away.  Usually I would go with her on these visits, but this time I couldn’t because I had an interview for the Porter Ranch Best Buy Lifestyles Supervisor.  It was my eight interview for a Supervisor position with the company, and the interview could not have gone any better.  I met the Store Supervisor of the Home Business Group for the first time, and we got along wonderfully.  It was truly one of the best interviews that I’ve ever given, not just among my Best Buy interviews, but overall.  However, the call came on Sunday that they had elected to go in a different direction and I was passed over for the role an eighth consecutive time.  I took this one in stride, having basically given up on the idea that I was going to actually get the post.  I have a feeling that if I was truly in consideration for the job, that they would just tell me it’s mine to have by now.  But it also makes me not want to apply for any other supervisor positions until I hear those words ahead of time, which clearly wasn’t the goal of the interview process.

Bottom line, I know that I was the best candidate and the most accomplished and experienced candidate to walk through those doors.  I also believe that no one could have interviewed for the position as well as I did.  But none of that mattered.  At the end of the day, the decision was already made in whom they were going to hire, and I was again a dead man walking.  While it was nice to get the phone call from the interviewer who would let me know that I had “all the qualities that they were looking for in a supervisor,” and that I was “absolutely ready for the position,” and also that “you’re obviously going to be in a supervisory role very soon,” all that did was throw another log on the fire about how I’m just spinning my wheels with this company these days.  It doesn’t appear that there is a “fair way” to get into these jobs.  They are just handed down politically and without any real consideration for what will really benefit the company.

Some of the feedback that I received was as follows:

“Your resume is solid and filled with previous leadership experience.  What I missed in the interview is how that would look in a Supervisor role at Best Buy.”

Um?  Hello?  We spent nearly an hour with one another talking about what changes I would make, the way that I supervised my employees in the past, the successes that I’ve had with my previous experiences, and the level of training that I bring to the job that no one else possesses, and you couldn’t see “how that would look in a Supervisor role at Best Buy?”  Sorry, but I don’t buy that one at all…either that, or you simply weren’t listening to our conversation.  But it went on…

“Likewise, you seem to have good selling skills.   How would that translate to teaching and coaching behaviors on the floor. I would encourage you to get more actively engaged in the work your leaders are doing in store.”

Um?  Hello again?  Were you listening when I said that as a sales associate, I was top 5 in sales in 16 out of 18 months in sales, and number one 8 times?  By the way, most of those months were as a PART TIME sales associate, and I was outselling all of the full timers in the entire store.  As far as teaching and coaching behaviors, there was apparently some cotton in your ears when we talked about my coaching and development of half a dozen associates currently working that have all seen increased levels of their hourly productivity, in addition to seeing massive increases in the revenues in our department.  Not to mention all the training and development that went into the store as a Consultation Agent.  Must’ve missed that part of the interview I suppose.  And perhaps I should do more things like the managers in my store…like not focus on sales at all, but rather hold a clip board and point out the things that other people should be doing to make the store look prettier so that when the District Representatives walk through the store, they don’t get their wrists slapped as hard.  Maybe that’s what you had in mind.

Bottom line, my faith in this company is waning quickly.  The feeling of being undervalued and underappreciated has been consuming me each time I walk through the doors.  And to top it off, I have a growing chasm of difference from the way that I would want to run and operate the store versus what is actually happening, and all the while I see our department, our staff, and our teams being depleted of good talent because they are being grossly undercompensated and undertrained and underutilized, then leaving to find other areas of opportunity within the organization.  I have said so many times before that I need to find another company to work for….and I hope that I get the balls together to put in some applications and do some of the interviews with other companies because right now, I’m so tired of doing this over and over again.  I really am fitting the definition of insanity.

That’s it for now.  I’ve rambled on long enough.  I’ll see about getting the rest of the week’s activities up in a blog either tomorrow or Friday.  I should be able to make that happen with the kids being on Spring Break this week, and not having to go into work until 2pm on both days.  Until then, I’m going to focus in on the fantastic turn of events that has happened the last couple of days with my vacation with Traci and taking the kids to a great show tonight.

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