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Geeking out, and loving every minute of it

Do you ever make obligatory phone calls to people that you haven’t spoken with in a while, only discover that you really don’t have much to talk about?  The call goes something like:

“So, what’s new with you?”

“Nothing really.  How about you?  Anything new?”

“Nope…pretty much the same here too.”

That’s kind of been my life the last few weeks, and a major reason that I’ve been unmotivated to blog about it.  Perhaps that’s the difference between the skilled writer and the ones that are just blogging hacks (*raises hand for the role of the latter*) is that skilled writers, and to some degree conversationalists, find areas of interest to talk about when there aren’t any new topics.  And while I suppose that I could have written about how I’m totally geeking out on my PlayStation 3 with NBA2k12, and how that game has me simulating a ton of basketball in a mock 62-team tournament, I don’t know that it’s really a topic that I want to write about (regardless of the amount of enjoyment that I’m getting out of it). 

The last couple of weeks have been pretty dull to say the least.  Since Nikki’s sleepover birthday party, it’s been back to the drawing board with balancing our small budget of income, and taking care of the basic essentials for the kids as they’re gearing up for their graduations this year.  Both Nikki and Abby are moving from Elementary to Jr. High School and Kelli and Emma are moving on from Jr. High to High School, and are loving all of the year end activities that are costing us a bloody fortune.  Between grad nights, formals, class trips, parties, graduation dresses, shoes, yearbooks….it’s a non-stop carrousel of cost followed by cost, and it seems to never be ending.  Thus is the joy of being a parent I suppose.

But aside from that, there are a few pieces of new information that I felt coming here to write about might make for worthy subject matter.  The first is that Traci and I booked our next family vacation for this coming June, and the second is about an interview that I had for my ninth attempt at a supervisor position.  So here it goes.

The last two years, when it’s come to family vacations we just haven’t had the ability to pull them off.  Three years ago, we took the entire lot of us to Sedona, Arizona and had an amazing time.  We spent a day at the Grand Canyon, and the remainder of the time in an amazingly beautiful city enjoying each other and the activities, and the swimming pools.  But the following year, we ended up not booking a date because Traci didn’t want to miss out on her step-brother P.J. who was planning a trip to Southern California (which ended up not taking place, and us subsequently not booking anything either), and then last year we were just too flat broke to book anything at all.  This year, one of my January goals was that I wanted to take the family on a vacation, and we finally got something on the calendar to do just that.

On June 15th to June 22nd, the family is jumping in the van together and heading to the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City, Utah.  We’ve already got some of the activities that we’ve budgeted for planned away, but we’re basically saving the news on those because that’s what we’re using as a graduation present for our kids.  So because two of them are already old enough that they’re on Facebook and have capability of getting to this blog with relative ease, I’m not going to spoil the surprises, but I will say that I’m already looking forward to a couple of months from now and enjoying some quality family time.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel as a parent and a husband to have the ability to do this for the family.  And the memories that we’ll create for the kids will last a lifetime.

Park City wasn’t ever one of the places that I would’ve circled as a bucket list destination, but it was a financially viable one considering that places like Orlando, Florida (Disney World), Washington D.C., New York, or Europe, Australia, or some remote Island community weren’t really viable options.  Flying six people somewhere just isn’t very cheap as it turns out.  But I am thrilled that we’ll get the experiences of once again vacationing as a family and I’m looking forward to it a great deal.

Hopefully by the time that the vacation comes along, I’ll have the ability to really enjoy it with a new position that compensates me a great deal more in salary than that of my current wages of my position within Best Buy.  On Saturday, I interviewed for the Lifestyles Supervisor position and it went extremely well.  The position would be in the Pasadena store, a Big Box store which would mean more pay than some of the smaller locations, but it would also mean a commute of roughly 45 minutes to an hour one way.  For about 5 ½ years I had commuted into Downtown Los Angeles and I’m more than familiar with the grind of the LA Commute, but having been able to enjoy a 5 minute door to door experience for my job the last 2 years, I’m not exactly looking forward to it should the job be offered to me.  But no news has come forward from the position as of yet anyway, other than my store manager coming to me on Saturday to tell me that the person that I interviewed with earlier in the day had called her to say that I performed VERY well in the interview, and that I was a legitimate candidate for the position.  While that seems like good news, it is also the same news that I have received the previous 8 times that I’ve interviewed for one of these positions, and each time has ended with the result that “We think you’re a highly qualified candidate, and we know that you’ll be a supervisor very soon, but we decided to go with someone else.”  So bottom line, I’m not really getting my hopes too high here, other than to say that if I don’t get the position, I’m hopeful that I can at the very least get back some constructive criticisms that I can actually use in my next interview.

But that’s the basic gist of what’s happened the last two weeks.  A lot of work, a lot of dad time, and a whole lot of nothing else happening other than watching the 97-98 Spurs led by David Robinson and a young Tim Duncan take three out of five games (with the fifth being an overtime win) against the best teams of Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets from the 90’s.  Or watching the Shaq and Kobe Lakers get past the 84-85 76’ers led by Dr. J.  I know, I’m a geek….and I love it.

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