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Birthdays, Barbeque, and Cheerleading.

This is one of those “force it” moments where I don’t really want to blog at all, but I’m willing myself to do so.  There’s only a few things that I have to talk about, so I’ll make this one pretty quick.

The new job begins on Tuesday.  Technically it starts Sunday, but because I have Sunday and Monday off, it really begins at noon on Tuesday.  I’ve got some mixed feelings about it actually, but overall I’m happy and excited.  Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited about the new gig, and honestly, I don’t know that excited is the right word.  I’m more feeling a sense of relief that it’s finally happened, and I’m eager to get the new thing underway.  But I’m lacking in excitement over the commute, which I hope will be easy.  Anyway, there is a bunch of e-learnings that I need to take for the new gig, so I’ll get started on those in a bit.

This past week was Traci’s 36th birthday, and we had a fun time escaping just the two of us.  I was off on Thursday, and it was fun to simply just hang out with her and eat a Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque, a place we’d just never stopped into before.  If you’ve never been, it’s worth the price of admission.  It’s all you can eat Barbeque Ribs and Chicken, very good Cole Slaw and Baked Beans, and some delicious Cornbread.  Very southern and country, but done very well.  They have musicians providing unique entertainment throughout the meal, and the service is also very good.  It’s a little on the costly side in comparison to other places that you have the option of eating at, but it’s worth the slight uptick on cost.  Every once in a while, it’ll be something that we get back to.

Last bit of interesting news was on the kids front.  Abby was named Student of the Month this past month, and we went to an awards assembly at her school for her.  It’s one of those awards that if you’re a well behaved child long enough in the school year, you’re recognized as being the “Student of the Month.”  It’s a proud moment for the kids as they get a certificate of achievement in front of their friends, and each of the kids family gets their hand shaken as they take photos of the moment.   Overall, it’s a cool little award that they dole out, and we’re proud of the way that Abby has approached the school year….for the most part.

Kelli had the biggest news of the family though as she was named to the Chatsworth High School Junior Varsity Cheer Team.  Both she and Emma will be incoming freshman this year at CHS, and tryouts were this past week.  She’d worked really hard with her mom, and it paid off as she made the team.  It’s going to be a VERY expensive endeavor, but it also means that we’ll be attending a lot of football and basketball games throughout the year, and likely some other activities as we watch Kelli cheer.  We’re hopeful that Emma will continue on with band as she seems to enjoy playing the flute, but not really enjoy her teacher, who is sucking all the fun out of the experience for her.  So it remains to be seen if this is something that she’ll stick with or not, though we really hope that she does.

That’s that for now.  Hopefully this next week will have some more fun stuff to add than these last two weeks which were pretty much just working the entire time.  Until then, I’m Seacrest Out.

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