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Checking in on my 2013 goals.

June 11th, 2013 No comments

So we’re basically at or around the halfway point of 2013, and I wanted to do a follow up to my New Year goals and see where I’m at.  Hopefully, this will help keep me on track a little more, and perhaps even revise some of my goals from earlier in the year….provided that they need tweaking.

Goal #1 – Blog more.

Status – Check.  However, I did say that I wanted to blog at least once a week, and I’ve definitely fallen off that pace in the last two months or so.  I was pretty good about it straight through April, and then it just kind of got away from me a bit.  So I’ve got some work cut out for me if I want to continue this one.


Goal #2 – I want to move up from within Best Buy. Read more…

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