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August 8th, 2013 No comments

So it’s been nearly two months without a post here, and it has become time to amend that.  It’s not as if I haven’t written anything either.  I’ve just not been able to finish any of it.  After we came back from vacation in Utah, I wrote this long 4 page MS Word document post, that just kept right on going, describing in detail everything that happened in Park City.  I got distracted and just couldn’t seem to edit it down to post, so I didn’t.   A couple of other times, life just got in the way as I left the pieces unedited.  I thought about posting them, but again, I didn’t.  Now, with my kids going back to school next week, and summer basically over, I thought it’d be a decent enough time to throw a blog up that really isn’t all that well thought out.  Really it’s just me sitting here at 6:30am, having just dropped off Kelli to Cheer practice for hell week, and thinking that the site just flat needs some content, so here I go. Read more…

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