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So it’s been nearly two months without a post here, and it has become time to amend that.  It’s not as if I haven’t written anything either.  I’ve just not been able to finish any of it.  After we came back from vacation in Utah, I wrote this long 4 page MS Word document post, that just kept right on going, describing in detail everything that happened in Park City.  I got distracted and just couldn’t seem to edit it down to post, so I didn’t.   A couple of other times, life just got in the way as I left the pieces unedited.  I thought about posting them, but again, I didn’t.  Now, with my kids going back to school next week, and summer basically over, I thought it’d be a decent enough time to throw a blog up that really isn’t all that well thought out.  Really it’s just me sitting here at 6:30am, having just dropped off Kelli to Cheer practice for hell week, and thinking that the site just flat needs some content, so here I go.

This summer has flown by with great speed and reckless abandon, but it’s been an altogether good one despite its brevity.  We discovered the beach with Traci (Zuma has wheelchairs that you can take out onto the sand), we’ve hit our target in raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Team Traci has more than $5k raised for the cause), we’ve been on vacation (my kids actually have been on two), social calendars were filled daily, everybody ended up with full bellies, and Traci and I even found a couple of date days in there to continue connecting with one another.  That’s really the summer in a recap.

The biggest highlights for me were Utah with the family, Disneyland with Traci, and taking everyone to the beach.  Each one was uniquely cool in its own right, but I’ve found the more time that I spend with my family, the happier that I become.  I need to work on a way to make that happen with more regularity…perhaps win the Powerball or something.  That’d do the trick.  But the job takes me away from the house for 12-14 hours at a time, five times a week, meaning that I really only get to spend about 30% of my time at home, and a good portion of that is spent recuperating.  All in all, I’m happy with the day to day functions of the new gig, I’m awfully good at it, and it affords us the ability to do the things that we want to do for the most part, and live the way that we need to live.

Traci and I have been in discussions about where we might want to go for our 5th Wedding Anniversary coming this next June.  I think the leader in the club house at the moment has to be Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.  For our honeymoon, we took the 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise, which was supposed to stop at Mazetlan, Cabo San Lucas, and P.V., but because of a hurricane off the coast of the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico that struck P.V., we didn’t get to see the town.  Instead they re-routed the cruise ship and stayed a day in Ensenada, which is a whole lot trashier than P.V.  So it would kind of be a way to finish out our honeymoon in a round about sort of way.  And I think that we’d have the ability to fill a week of activity with very little problem.  Other areas that we’re tickling around are another cruise, this time we’re eye-balling Alaska.  It’d be fun, but we’d have to find some kind of stellar deal on it if we were to pull the trigger on that one.  But outside of that, places like Hawaii, or tropical places in the South Pacific just look a little bit too expensive this time around.  Plus, we’re trying to put together some savings to take the family to Orlando in 2015.

I very much enjoy making plans like these for the future, as it really does give something to work for.  I’m going to have to get better about goal setting honestly, because I find that when I work towards a goal, I do a pretty darn good job of reaching that goal.  Perhaps that’ll be the focus of these blogs the next few times that I get here….focus.  God knows that I need some direction and focus.

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