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What’s ahead in the next two weeks

March 3rd, 2013 No comments

I mentioned in my previous post that the next two weeks could present some change in life, and it may a little.  Firstly, our Federal Tax Return is set to be deposited on Wednesday according to the “Where’s My Tax Return” app that I uploaded.  Traci and I filed our taxes on February 7th, but it supposedly takes 21 days to get the return back, even when filing electronically.  In actuality, it’ll take closer to a month.  But we’ll be happy to finally have it.

We’ve been putting off the repair work on our cars until we had the money to actually repair them.  We borrowed some money to repair the van the last time that it had some troubles, and we also need to repair that one.  But now, all three of our vehicles are screaming for work, and it’s way overdue.  But when you’re short on cash, there isn’t much that you can do other than hope that they last, and that when the money finally comes through, fix them up again.  The 99′ Nissan Maxima needs new brakes and rotors, as well as some engine work and spark plugs.  The 02′ Ford E-150 needs to have some belts worked on, as well as check the suspension.  And the 02′ Mazda Protégé needs the same work as the Nissan.  In all, we expect the repair work and the loan repayment to exhaust roughly 70-80% of our return.  It’s a huge chunk, but hopefully this will get the cars all healthy enough that they’ll continue running for years to come on regular maintenance.  Read more…

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A quick overview of where I’m at.

January 27th, 2013 No comments

Fighting through an illness is never fun but is a part of life that at some point everyone has to endure.  I came down with a head cold that started out slowly this past week, and came on strong yesterday. It’s more annoying than debilitating, but it’s still never fun to have the sniffles and endure coughing, runny nose symptoms. Alas, I have too much to do today to sit around and be sick, so it may end up being a virus that sticks around for a few days longer.

I attempted to get in a blog yesterday morning, but it was extremely poor timing on my part.  Between the kids beating me to be awake, and hanging with Traci in the morning, there just wasn’t anytime to get onto the computer.  One by one each of my kids took their turns at the computer and I just never got to it.  It was an interesting dynamic as I wandered throughout my own house without anywhere to really go. Traci was watching some house flipping program in our bedroom, the kids were watching Disney Channel or some other kids related program on our other TV, and another one was on the computer either play Web Kinz, Club Penguin, or Heytanna or Facebook the entire time.  Bottom line, I was a king without a castle, and it was the norm for the most part. Read more…

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A few thoughts on 2013, a new beginning of sorts.

January 3rd, 2013 No comments

I started PablosPlace several years ago as something of a joke. I can remember teasing Traci about her 30th birthday party, and not wanting to give away the fact that I was planning a giant surprise party, so I’d thrown out a great many random ideas to throw her off of the actual plan. The plans were always egregiously absurd, with suggestions of items like going to the zoo, and playing poker there. Or it would include duct tape, a $20 bill, and well, you fill in the last part. It was just being silly.

But somewhere in the randomness, the whole PablosPlace idea spawned. In the beginning, I was just doing updates on the happenings of the home game, which consisted of a few of my friends that new nothing about how poker was really supposed to be played. We’d often play three or four sit and go games in a 4 hour period of time. But the game evolved as we grew as players, as did my writing abilities. I began to follow the poker syndicate with much more closeness than I ever had before, and I must admit, there was a keen fascination that bordered on love. Read more…

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A congrats to Tristan Wade on his WSOPE Bracelet win.

October 19th, 2011 No comments
Tristan Wade

Congratulations to DeepStacks Live lead instructor Tristan Wade on his first career WSOP Bracelet win.

It’s been a while since I’ve played poker outside of the home game.  Since I took a 4th place finish at the $120 buy-in Venetian in Las Vegas during Brett’s bachelor party, I haven’t hit the tables at all.  Some of the reasons have been financial.  I just can’t really afford to go play poker these days.  But honestly, most of the reason has been a loss of excitement and desire, as I find myself losing the capability to connect to the game regularly.

I find myself having a more difficult time these days watching poker on television or even reading about it online.  I’ll tune in when people that I know are doing well in an event, like a friend of mine Tristan Wade, who just won his first WSOP Bracelet.  I first met Tristan at the World Series of Poker last year when he’d made a deep run in the Main Event. Read more…

What to watch today at the WSOP – Great action at the $5k PLO

June 21st, 2011 No comments

Vanessa Selbst leads a very impressive field in the $5k Pot-Limit Omaha (6-max) event.

Well it turns out that yesterdays $10k Stud-8 event was the big highlight after all, as we say Phil Hellmuth heads up for the second time in this World Series of Poker.  He got there through a loaded final table, but got there short stacked as well.  Eric Rodawig, a Cardrunners instructor ran away with the chip lead, and while Hellmuth was able to narrow the chip margin to about 3 to 1 at one point, he just simply couldn’t run well enough to overtake the chip disadvantage and settled for 2nd a second time this summer.  Congrats to Eric Rodawig for shipping the bracelet and a $442,183 payday.

The runner up finish does have a small consolation prize for Hellmuth who fell one spot shy of record setting bracelet number 12.  Hellmuth has now overtaken Sam Stein in the WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard, although I think that for Phil, that’s probably the last thing on his mind.  He wants number 12, and he wants it bad.  This was career cash number 81 (also a WSOP record), and 44th Final Table (also a record).  Hellmuth also now has a total of 8 Second Place finished now for his career, so he’s painfully familiar with the title of “Bridesmaid.”  But he is still in search of at least one more title as he hasn’t won a WSOP event since 2007.

There was another event that completed in the Rio yesterday as Kirk Caldwell survived the blood-bath that was the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event.  It’s his first bracelet and a $668,292 payday, so congrats to Caldwell.

There will be four events running at the WSOP today, and here’s what to watch for among them:

Event #34 – $1,000 No Limit Hold’em

27 players remain in the $1k Donkament, and that’s kind of what it’s turned into.  Once Dwyte Pilgrim went busto in 70th, the field turned into a basic sea of unknowns, so I’m not watching this one anymore.

Event #35 – $5,000 PLO 6-max

This event had tons of promise from just the name, and after day 1, the field of 507 was quickly trimmed to 110 remaining players bagging chips and the list of leaders has some great names.  Vanessa Selbst leads the field with 250k chips, and is followed in order by Erick Lindgren (208k) and Shaun Deeb (194k).  Also in the top 10 is WPT Los Angeles Champ Greg Brooks (147k) and Chris DeMaci who finished runner up at the NAPT Los Angeles.  Tom Dwan led the pack for much of the day but Durrrr got some action and saw his stack dwindle down towards the end of the day, bagging 81k which is still above average.  There are a ton of names still in this thing, and it will continue to be a fantastic watch.

Two more events get underway today as the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em will be the biggest field of the day, while the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. event will draw the best names on the day.  It should be a great day down at the Rio.

This week in the Twitter Poker Tour

October 28th, 2010 No comments
Twitter Poker Poker Tour

The Twitter Poker Tour on Full Tilt Poker features a $5 buy in for fantastic prizes

It’s been a seemingly never ending string of days that have comprised this week, with a ton of work being dumped into the Twitter Poker Tour.  But the hard work has paid off with some fantastic prizes now being offered.  My hope is that the league continues its development, and offers an online home game to poker players throughout multiple ranges of bankrolls.   With the prize structures being offered today for a $5 buy in, it has to appeal to every poker player.

2 years ago, the TPT was a group of a few guys that just wanted to play together.  A $5 buy in for grins and giggles that met up weekly through an online poker game.  This week, we’re giving away another ticket to the Sunday $750,000 Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker Read more…

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Bot Ring apparently behind the Full Tilt Poker Cheating Scandal

October 15th, 2010 17 comments

Full Tilt came down hard on Poker Bots

I still plan on writing to Full Tilt Poker and asking them a few questions concerning the cheating scandal, but it appears that the mystery was revealed.  A company called “Shanky Technologies” runs and operates a site titled, where they sell a variety of “advanced poker robots” that play online poker for you, so that you no longer have to make decisions as a poker player.  The site claims that their bots play a “professional-level poker at the better online poker rooms” and “Plays all game structures and has a full stealth/hide mode.”  Their objective is to get players to plunk down $130 to buy their bots, and then they sit back and try to tell you that you’ll be a winning poker player in no time. Read more…

Cheated on Full Tilt Poker

October 15th, 2010 4 comments

Should I have a higher win rate with Q-Q?

I’ve always considered online poker to be a clean game.  I’m not naive enough to not recognize the seriousness of the cheating scandal, and the amount of money that the cheaters won through “God Mode.”  But cheaters being what cheaters are, I think that people look for ways to gain an edge on their competition, and sometimes, this results in cheating.

I have played exclusively on Full Tilt Poker for a long time now, and I recommend it to my peers.  To me, it’s easily my favorite site for a myriad of reasons.   I had always been of the camp that said that Full Tilt runs the cleanest games out there in online poker, and today I got a message that makes me question that.  Read more…

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A family vacation for the ages

August 24th, 2010 1 comment
The Grand Canyon

A view from the Grand Canyon rim

Yesterday, I had one of those moments as a parent where I felt that I’d succeeded. They happen every once and again, but this one really seemed to eclipse other memories that I had as a father. It was a perfect day, in practically every aspect, and I couldn’t be more thankful than I am right now.

I haven’t had the opportunity to blog much of late. It seems as though every day has just been go-go-go until I crash. I miss getting over here to post updates about life, and I’d like to make a more concerted effort to do so. I laughed when I saw that the Day 2 coverage of the WSOP Main Event coverage was beginning tonight on ESPN Read more…

Does ANYONE want to win $2,000???

May 12th, 2010 No comments

I’m just now starting to feel better after having been slaughtered by the flu bug for the last few days. 48 hours straight of being either between my bed or the toilet hasn’t exactly been fun, so needless to say, I’m happy that thats over.

I was intending to write a little about the Friday night game where Jack and Traci ended up heads up again at the home game for the second consecutive week. Last week, it was Traci emerging with the vitory with her flopped two pair bettering Jacks pair of aces. But this week, Jack came in with about a 2.5 to 1 chip advantage that he’d extend quickly, and then ushered the knockout blow for the win. Congrats to Jack on a good win.

I have to rant a little bit about the Twitter Poker Tour’s World Series of Poker Satellites, and how they aren’t attracting much attention. Frankly, I don’t get it. I would’ve assumed that this would be something that the TPT community would rally around, and play religiously, vyeing for an opportunity to win $2,000. I mean, for someone that regularly frequents the $5 buy in events, you would think that a $2k hit would be a good one.

So we set up these super satellites to the main event in June, and we run them daily with Monday and Thursday a $2+1 Rebuy event, Tuesday and Friday a $5+1 (2R+1A) event, and Wednesday and Saturday a $10+1 Double Stack event. The winner of each event is GUARANTEED (which means that if the event happens, then the TPT will GUARANTEE that we get a prize paid, regardless of how much money is in the pot) a seat to the Sunday $40+4 Double Stack Event Step 2 event. That alone is pretty cool. I finished runner up in 2 of those weeks, and the spill over money for the runner ups ran to $248…not so shabby.

Finally, if you win the $40+4 event, you get entry into a $200+16 event in June where the winner is GUARANTEED $2,000. Yup TWO THOUSAND BIG ONES. Ideally, the winner is going to represent the TPT at the 2010 WSOP at one of the $1,000 buy in events, of which there are 6 of them, and use the other $1k for traveling expenditures and lodging and such. But really, they are free to use it as they choose.

Here’s the problem that I have….we’re having a difficult time getting people to register for the freaking events. In fact, last Friday, I was the only one registered and the event canceled because you need at least 2 to play. How in the world is there not at least ONE OTHER PLAYER ON THE PLANET that is interested in playing for TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a $5 buy in??? I JUST DON’T GET IT.

Regularly we’re having to pony up (and by we…I say it loosely as its coming out of Geoff’s pocket from the TPT Expenditures, and not mine) money week after week for people not showing up so that we can meet the guarantee. It was expected, and it was budgeted for. But really, I am shocked at the lack of participation from the TPT group as a whole, and frankly UBER disapointed that there aren’t more players participating in this event. I don’t know what the real reasons are, but I would hope its simply that they don’t realize how much money that is really on the line.

I’ll play in some of the events to make contributions to the prize pool when I’ve already won my seat to the next step….just part of my giving back to the group. But I think it’s an awesome thing that the TPT is doing for the group, and it makes me REALLY glad that we didn’t aim for a $12k package to the Main Event, like Geoff and I had talked about earlier. We would’ve had to guarantee SO MUCH MORE. I’m glad that we went the route that we did considering the lack of participation.

I guess that I’m really dissapointed and totally surprised at the numbers. I really thought that this would be a way to increase our player base by reaching out to a broader number of people. There’s still 3 and a half weeks to go, so there’s still time, but really, I don’t know how many people have failed to get the message at this point. I hope some more will actually join in and help us play. Who knows, maybe a sudden influx of players will show up randomly over the next couple weeks to help us guarantee 2 seats, and I’ll eat some crow. But as for now, I’m kinda pissed about it.

Anyway, I’m currently on day 12 of seeking Iron Man Status, and I’m 12 for 12 on days of 200 Points or more. 13 more days, and I’ll meet my goal. I’ll be interupted this weekend with a Girl Scout getaway that I’m going on with my daughters. They’re heading on a boating excursion to Castaic Lake, and I’m along for the ride for an “Adult Volunteer” so that they have the proper Adult-to-Child ratio in order to go in the first place. It’s another weekend of little sleep and putting up with little girls, all so that my kids can have a joyous experience. The things that we do for our kids.

Thats it for now. More later. And if you haven’t felt compelled to win $2,000 yet, check it out on the TPT Site already. Jeebus.

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