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2010 WSOP Main Event – Reflection Part 6 (The media event)

July 31st, 2010 No comments
Media Badge

My WSOP Media Badge for the 2010 WSOP

Once all of the Day 1′s and the Day  2′s were complete, it was a day of rest.  The day after day 2b was a dark day for the WSOP, not in the sense that bad things were happening.  No events were scheduled except for one, the Media Freeroll Event.  Everyone showed up in casual attire, including Nolan Dalla who wore a bandana on his head, and Ty Stewart who had an interesting looking WSOP Cowboy Hat. 

I got to the Rio about 2 hours before the scheduled start time so that I could write my news article for, and I wandered into the Amazon room and sat down in Media Row.  I was alone in the room except for two gentlemen that were placing “Swag Bags” on each of the seats for the members of the media that would be playing in the Amazon Red Section.  It was the most peaceful that I’d ever seen the Amazon room.  Generally, the 121 tables are full of players, and the sound of clattering chips is heard from the hallway outside.  There is a buzz even walking into the room.  But at this moment, it seemed serene.  Read more…

2010 WSOP Main Event – Reflection Part 5

July 30th, 2010 No comments
Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington Played the Day at the ESPN featured table alongside 2009 November 9'er Jeff Shullman

Reflection’s part 1 through 4 covered the main event through day’s 1a through 2a.  Here I’ll focus on Day 2b.

Day 2b began for me with an interview.  I arrived at the Rio and got situated in the media room, and used the WSOP email to the media that told everyone where each player was seated to determine a list of whom I wanted to follow for the day.  The list grew to around 85 people, so I knew that I was going to have to scale back some, but traveling between the Amazon and the Pavillion room became much easier as I finally knew where everyone was.  In the day 1′s, you’re basically just guessing where people are going to be, and hoping to stumble across people that I knew or recognized.  I knew or recognized maybe 5% of the field, so the vast majority of the tables that I walked by in the beginning consisted mainly of people who I had little or no interest in.  I guess that’s to be expected in an event that is a virtual sea of unknown and amateur players. But day 2 gave me the opportunity to really hone in on players that I wanted to see perform well, as well as get good photo’s of.  Read more…

2010 World Series of Poker Main Event – Reflection Part IV

July 28th, 2010 No comments
Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu spent Day 2a at the ESPN Featured Table

I covered day’s 1a through 1d in the first three segments, and I’ll continue with the day 2′s from my vantage point. 

Some will say that the main theme of Day 1, any of the 4 day 1′s, is survival.  I’d argue that this term should be placed upon day 2 and 3.  For some, it was about chip accumulation.  But for a sea of others, it was how quickly can I gift someone the rest of my chips.  There were two Day 2′s again this year at the WSOP Main Event, but in a switch from prior years the combination of players comprising day 2a was differing.  This year day 1a combined with day 1c in day 2a, while the survivors of day 1b and day 1d met on day 2b.  It sounds all confusing and junk but the reality is there just aren’t enough poker tables to have everyone come back and sit under 1 roof for day 2.  So they have to break it up some and whittle through the field to simply create the space necessary to toss cards and chips around.  And create room they did. Read more…

2010 WSOP Reflection – Part 3

July 27th, 2010 1 comment
Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson mixed it up on Day 1d at the ESPN Secondary Featured table

The first two reflections focused more on the downside, and then day’s 1a to 1c.  I want to talk a little about day 1d, which was a different animal from the first 3 day 1′s.

When I say a different animal, I mean in large part because of the names that were present.  Doyle Brunson and Darvin Moon took the center stages at the event on day 1d, with Moon at the primary featured table, and Texas Dolly at the secondary.  I don’t think that a single person with any knowledge of the game of poker really gave either player much of a shot at the November 9, much less a shot a winning the thing.  But the reality with both players is that they are interesting, and I think ESPN did a good job of casting them as features, despite the host of other names that were in the field that day.  Phil Ivey played in the Amazon room Read more…

2010 World Series of Poker Main Event – Reflection part 2

July 24th, 2010 No comments

The last post that I tossed up had a more whinny tone to it than I would have liked. It had a ton of stuff that just really bugged me about the WSOP. But overall, it was an experience that I’m NEVER going to forget.

This was my 2nd time seeing the action at the WSOP, with the first being last year for only about an hour. My venture got me on TV briefly in hand where Joe Hachem eliminated Surinder Sunar by hitting a straight with J-9 vs. Sunar’s AQ. I got to see Hellmuth eliminated from the field by having Aces cracked, and see Ivey become a tournament chip leader while sitting at the featured table. But I was overwhelmed with “Fan-Da-Monium” and couldn’t believe the sights, the sounds, and the reality. This was the World Series of Poker after all. Read more…

My first reflection fromt the 2010 WSOP Main Event

July 21st, 2010 No comments

I’m still in Las Vegas as I write this post. On the 8th floor of the Jockey Club, with my family in the living room, and enjoying the tail end of our vacation, I decided to put some notes down about my trip to Vegas. We’re almost through with our hotel stay, and as I sit here in our bedroom, and look out at the Bellagio Water show on my right, I’m still a little bit in awe from what I saw while I was here in Vegas. Read more…