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Continuing to support Rafe Furst and Phil Gordon

September 28th, 2011 6 comments
Rafe and Phil

Rafe Furst and Phil Gordon will continue to have my support for everything that they've done in the fight against cancer.

Change can be a good thing sometimes.  It’s inevitable in life that as time goes on, things change.  After all, we’re not immortal, and we’re far from perfect.  As a result, things will be different.  Change can be tough, and it can be good.  But it’s an element of life that we must all cope with.

April 15th remains a landmark day for me in many ways because of the way that it changed my life.  Gone are the days that I spent playing online poker.  Gone is my online poker bankroll, seemingly tied up in what looks like a sea of mismanaged assets and misappropriated distributions among owners of a site that has fallen to pieces.  I can no longer play online the game that I’m passionate about, nor can I carve out the time or the bankroll to play the game live.  I’ve been forced to move on from poker, despite holding onto the love and the passion of the game.  Things have changed. Read more…