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Dog Pet Gloves all in one

Dog Pet Gloves all in one

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The Deshedding Gloves: These gloves are designed to fit over your hands and have soft silicone or rubber bristles on the palm and fingers. They are used by gently stroking your pet's fur, and the bristles effectively grab and remove loose hair.

Combs: They typically have widely spaced teeth or bristles that glide through the fur, removing loose hair and preventing matting. These combs are particularly useful for pets with longer coats.

Effective Cleaning: The gloves, combs, and brush are highly effective in cleaning your pet's fur. They remove loose hair, dirt, and debris, preventing them from spreading throughout your home.

Overall, the Dog Pet Deshedding Gloves, Combs, and Grooming Brush set provides a comprehensive solution for grooming, cleaning, massaging, bathing, and hair removal for your pet.


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