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Pet Cooling Pad Bed For Dogs Cats Breathable

Pet Cooling Pad Bed For Dogs Cats Breathable

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Comfortable and innovative solution designed to keep your furry friend cool and refreshed during hot weather or after physical activity. This cooling pad bed provides a cool surface for your pet to rest on, helping them regulate their body temperature and providing relief from the heat.

The size of the cooling pad bed varies to accommodate different pet sizes, from small cats and dogs to larger breeds. It is designed to provide ample space for your pet to stretch out and relax comfortably.

It's important to note that the cooling pad bed is designed for your pet's comfort and should not be left in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme temperatures.

The Pet Cooling Pad Bed offers a practical and comfortable solution to help your pet beat the heat and stay cool. With its cooling properties, durable construction, and easy maintenance, this bed provides a refreshing retreat for your furry companion, allowing them to relax and stay comfortable during warm weather or after physical activity.


1. Cooling Material: The cooling mat is made of high-tech cooling cloth, which makes your pet enjoy a better cooling effect in summer.
2. Size: Three different sizes, fit for small, medium, and large breeds of dogs and cats. With the self-cooling mat, the puppy kitten bed will be softer and more comfortable.
3. Multi-function: Portable and easy to fold, can be used on sleeping beds, kennel mats, cover car seats, lawns, beaches, indoors, or outdoors anywhere you want.
4. Improve Sleep: Cooling dog bed mat uses no electricity and contains no toxic gels. It wicks heat out and releases it into the air, keeping the dog/cat feeling cool, have your pet in deep sleep and relax.
5. Washable: The mat is lightweight, easy to machine wash, and quick to dry. Keep your lovely friend cool all the time.

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