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Summer Cooling Mats Ice Dogs & Cats

Summer Cooling Mats Ice Dogs & Cats

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Cooling Comfort for Pets: Provide your four-legged friend with a pleasantly cool spot even on hot summer days. The gel filling absorbs body heat and dissipates it through evaporation.

Versatile Usage: Place the pet cooling mat in a dog bed, doghouse, travel carrier, car, or simply on the floor at home. The gel filling is exceptionally soft, offering your pet a comfortable place to rest.

Easy Application: Your clever pet mat is self-cooling. No water, pre-cooling, or freezing is required. Simply lay it down, and it's ready to use! When not in use, fold it up for convenient storage.

Easy to Clean and Reusable: Simply rinse the gel mat or wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Your cooling mat can be used repeatedly and is quickly ready for use again.



100% Brand new & High quality

XS: 40x30
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